It’s About Us


We have many enemies, we have many who want to break us down. Many on our side notice this, they notice that not all our enemies look or sound like us. They want others to notice. The Jews, the Muslims, the Blacks, the list goes on. I am not saying they are wrong to notice, or to point it out. However it does miss a very important point.

It’s not about them, it’s about us!

We should spend far more time on building up our side instead of noticing our enemies. We need to build our networks, our communities, our future.

I find far too many people thinking about our enemies, instead of thinking about us. We are the important people, not because we are better or worse, but because we are us. Everyone needs to look after the interests of their own people. Including us, we need to spend less time thinking about how they did us wrong and more time on looking after our own. Because once we do that we have rejected the bitterness of the black pill. We have begun to build our own future. To support our own people.

Concentrating on our enemies also does two things that we need to reject.

1. We don’t think about the traitors, our own kind who are our bitterest and most dangerous enemy.

2. Our enemies are raised up as a supernatural force, one that can be hated but never defeated.

Treason is our great foe.

And the idea that our enemies can never be defeated must itself be defeated.

Every one of us needs to do more to support our own people. Employ our people, date, marry and have children with our own people. Do everything in your power, no matter how big or small to support our people. Taste the bitterness of the black pill and then spit it out. Do not give into despair, do not give in to the idea that we are defeated or that we are out of the fight. We have not begun to fight. The tide is turning and we need you!

This is not about them, this is about us!

Originally published at Upon Hope.  Mark Moncrieff’s Subscribestar can be found here.