Homosexuality is not good for you


Over the weekend a clip popped up on my feed of a group of young people in Brisbane loudly disrupting a “drag queen story hour” for kids. The protest took the form of chanting slogans which alluded to the certain inappropriateness of degenerate men dressed as faux-women reading unsavory stories to young children. Any person with some semblance of morals can immediately understand what is wrong with having drag queens “educating” impressionable children. It is sick and dangerous. But in our back the front modern world, it is incumbent on those with morals to demonstrate just why this sort of thing should not take place.

The young conservatives in question decided to go back to basics and use the tools of the left against them. The left delight in noisily shutting down public events of which they do not approve, so it was nice to see them get a taste of their own medicine. Scenes of pathetic men in frocks and lippy attempting to reason with the protestors just made it even better as far as I was concerned. However, I did note that the online mob were already calling for the heads of the protestors. Some band called The Veronicas were particularly strident in their shrill calls for retribution.

By Monday the leader of the protestors was dead by his own hand. On top of it all, it transpires that he himself was gay.

As current events go, the left are attempting to backtrack on this one faster than koalas from a ready to burn gum tree.

The rainbow mafia, that is itself a mere tool of the socialist left, now finds itself in somewhat of a quandary. This situation is not a good look even for dimwitted and degenerate progressives. But I will let others take apart the left on this one, for the simple reason that in reality the left does not care about this event at all. Give it another 5 years and the window will have shifted sufficiently that in the same situation they will be loudly cheering at their victory. They are only sorry now because publicly they still have to be.

No, the real story is that this young man caved so quickly under pressure. It’s not hard to outrun a social media mob, and I speak from some experience. All you need to do is to disconnect from the internet and go camping for a week. By the time you come back it will be all over. But Wilson Gavin didn’t even last the weekend. Topped himself after barely a day of being told that he was a bad person guilty of bad thoughts and bad acts.

Weak. Very weak. Not really the behavior that you would expect of someone who had organised such a demonstration. What did he think was going to happen? High fives and cocktails all round? Perhaps a sudden and spectacular rediscovery of morals in the nation of Australia? An immediate banning of drag queen story hours? Please; we don’t live in a Disney film.

The key factor in this is that young Wilson Gavin was gay. Progressives would have us all believe that being gay is the best thing ever. That in itself should be sufficient warning to anyone with a functioning cortex that being gay is not a good idea. If the left are pushing it then it’s bad for you. Apart from the risk taking behavior which manifests in a number of very unpleasant diseases and side effects in later life, homosexuals are far more likely to commit suicide than any other demographic. The ones who are off the charts at risk are the trannies. Yes, the same individuals who are telling stories to children. What could possibly go wrong?

This unfortunate episode should be used to draw attention to the fact that the homosexual lifestyle is undesirable, and that the last thing a healthy and moral society should ever do is to promote it to children as some sort of cool and hip alternative to, you know, having a pleasant life. A life of risk taking degeneracy usually goes the way that you would expect it to go. Such people are prone to psychological disorders. But not just that; they are ill-equipped to deal with the harsh realities and variances of life. Because they are so confused and racked with guilt, they are unable to deal with real emergencies in a calm and measured manner. They let their emotions rule them because homosexuals are simply feminised men.

If Wilson Gavin had been heterosexual I very much doubt that he would have killed himself over this tempest in a teacup. That is the real lesson here. Homosexuality is a weakness and it will send you down an undesirable path. It is past time to once again make it socially unacceptable. Gavin was right to attempt to shut down the drag queen story hour. Unfortunately however, he should have dealt with his own weaknesses first.

This article was originally published at https://pushingrubberdownhill.com/, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.