A Ryan Rant – Episode 77 – Crisis America Under Siege


Recapping on Episode 72 about king Trump’s proclamation that anti-Semitism is bad, it should be of little surprise that the interweb intelligentsia is refusing to break bagels at the proverbial table of trust as it were.

It’s not just that Trump’s priorities have yet to explicitly break with neo-con policy dogma, Trump is ostensibly flipping off his anti-globalist base for verminous “never Trumper” hacks like Ben Shapiro who want to render those who got Trump elected into cannon fodder for Israel.

With certain state wide trends seeing little in way of federal correction, it’s becoming explicitly obvious what malevolent forces are controlling America more broadly.

Meanwhile the yacht jetting, school dodging, Democrat Soros side of the equation wants us to substitute meat with maggots, imbue a 90%+ tax rate, and do away with cars, because at least we’re not speaking the language of those evil anti-Semitic Germans.

This is why it is expectedly reaching a point now whereby the discourse is transitioning from a cold war scenario to a hot war scenario. But at least we’ve established some billionaire plutocrat paedophile procuring elite kompromat information for the Mossad didn’t kill himself.

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