XYZ Live #88 – The Episode 88 Save our People Special!


We’d been promising it for months, and we finally got to do it. For our 88th episode, we went through the 88 Precepts by David Lane.

Matty wouldn’t let me go through all 88 but we gave it a good crack. Matty also made reference to the Propertarian Constitution as it reflects a lot of the same ideas as the 88 Precepts.

The most telling one is number 88.

These are sure signs of a sick or dying Nation. If you see any of them, your guardians are committing treason.

  • Mixing and destruction of the founding race;
  • Destruction of the family units;
  • Oppressive taxation;
  • Corruption of the Law;
  • Terror and suppression against those who warn of the Nation’s error;
  • Immorality: drugs, drunkenness, etc.;
  • Infanticide (now called abortion);
  • Destruction of the currency (inflation or usury);
  • Aliens in the land, alien culture;
  • Materialism;
  • Foreign wars;
  • Guardians (leaders) who pursue wealth or glory;
  • Homosexuality;
  • Religion not based on Natural Law.

Yep. Our nation is dying.

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