When they raise their flags on our land

While they riot in our streets

When they sing their national anthems

While they dishonour our police

When they lie about our ancestors

While they interrupt us as we speak

When they ignore our cultural ways

While they reject what we preach


When they deracinate our work force

While they compromise our peace

When they abuse their own people

While they propagandise their deceit

When they demand special treatment

While they ask for equality

When they cry out against racism

While they reject our ethnicity


When they manipulate our senate

While they pay in cash to win a seat

When they proudly spread their customs

While they strip away free speech

When they take over electorates

While they expand across the seas

When they silently invade us

While they assume our identities


When God predestined our nation

While He purchased our victory

When we pray for the outsiders

While we don’t forget honesty


Will you advance Australia

When they wish Australia defeat?

When they defile Australia

Will you be Australian or are you weak?