Liberal Party denigrates White Australia Policy, defends Chinese Communist infiltrator

Liberal Party AG, Christian Porter, left. CCP infiltrator, Gladys Liu, right. Symbol of the most deadly ideology of the 20th century, middle.

The leafy electorate of Chisholm in Melbourne’s east has been swamped with Asians. Naturally both the Liberal Party and the Labor Party fielded female Chinese candidates in Chisholm at the recent federal election for maximum intersectionality points. Both candidates have ties to the Chinese Communist Party, a surprise to nobody, and the successful Liberal candidate has been forced to publicly disavow her ties to the CCP.

The predictable political he-said-she-said is an inditement on current year clown world Australia.

From the Australian:

Attorney General Christian Porter has compared Labor’s pursuit of embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu to the White Australia Policy.

Ms Liu has pledged her allegiance to Australia and confirmed she was previously a member of three Chinese Communist Party-linked organisations, after being forced to publicly declare China as an “authoritarian state”.

While the MP for Chisholm released a written statement on Wednesday, Labor’s legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus pushed a motion demanding she make a similar statement vocally.

Attorney General Christian Porter then raised the spectre of Ms Liu’s race when fighting off Labor’s motion, in the government’s strongest defence yet of the embattled Chinese-born MP.

“Earlier this week we had a condolence for the last living member of the Menzies Government (Jim Forbes), who helped unravel the White Australia Policy, and all these years later this is where we are,” Mr Porter said.

“The fundamental proposition that they are putting is that a Chinese Australian, with a wonderful heritage, who overcame domestic violence, who came to this country, who came to this country and has natural associations with Chinese organisations, by virtue of those associations is not a fit and proper person to be here.”

Ties to the Chinese Communist Party equals “wonderful heritage”.

Gladys Liu should not be in Australia. No Chinese should be. Australia federated specifically to form a common defence and immigration policy over concerns regarding Chinese immigration and the transportation of non-whites to Australia from other parts of the British Empire. The first Act of Parliament instituted the White Australia Policy.

The Labor Party opened the floodgates to mass immigration after World War 2 but the Liberal Party did nothing to stop it. As stated by Christian Porter, the Liberal Party actually killed the White Australia Policy. The Whitlam government simply put the final nail in the coffin.

This is a betrayal of Australians and a betrayal of the origin of our nation, a betrayal by both major political parties. It is why (mild) nationalists such as Pauline Hanson and Fraser Anning have garnered such parochial support, because they actually speak for Real Australians and they are (or were) true to the aspirations of Australia’s founders.

Rest assured that if Chinese Red had defeated Chinese Blue in Chisholm, it would have been the Liberal Party attacking the Labor candidate for her CCP links, and the Labor Party would be playing the race card and denigrating the White Australia Policy. Liberal and Labor are two sides of the same globalist coin. Both must be purged.