Melbourne Traditionalists Episode Three: The Left used Free Speech to spread Degeneracy


The 1977 Australian film Don’s Party chronicals a dinner party on the night of the 1969 Australian election. Australian socialists were sure Labor would win but their hopes were scuttled by DLP preferences to the Liberal Party.

All but two of the attendees of the fictional dinner party are socialists. Over the course of the evening the party degenerates into debauchery as the male attendees attempt to seduce their friend’s wives, and it becomes apparent that they are all miserable narcissists who hate each other and themselves.

The film paints a vivid picture of the boomers who burnt our country to the ground and the boomers who failed to defend it.

In our discussion, we tie this into how the left used the canard of “free speech” to push sexual and cultural degeneracy to undermine the pillars of European civilisation. This is important to remember during the current political battle over free speech. Free speech is useful for getting our message to the masses, but we should not hold onto it as a God-given right.

At the end of the day it is a liberal value. The left would do well to keep this in mind.