Don’t think your isolated farm will save you


I am seeing a fair number of commentary from people on the dissident side of politics regarding the practice of stepping away from unfolding events. For example, in one of his latest travelogue videos Roosh V stayed at a friend’s farm in rural Kentucky. Roosh expressed the view that not only was it refreshing to tune out from politics while he was there but that it would be a good option to just get yourself a piece of land and bug out from the greater malaise and forthcoming calamitous times.

This view is at best misguided. When really big moments occur in history there is no escaping for anyone. All you can do is pick a side and fight. Take for example the German population of East Prussia. In his book The Fall of Berlin, Anthony Beevor makes a chilling observation on their fate at the hands of the Soviet Union.

“A population which had stood at 2.2 million in 1940 was reduced to 193,000 at the end of May 1945.”

Conservative modern estimates put the number of deaths among the civilian population around half a million people. In any case, if you were not shot out of hand, (or if you were a woman of any age, raped by multiple rear guard soldiers and then shot out of hand), you lost everything.

There were a great number of isolated farms in East Prussia. Seen in hindsight, an attitude of not caring about outside forces and events by a local farmer in say the year 1938 would be rightfully seen as foolish in the extreme. And yet today we stand on the cusp of potentially similar outcomes. In fact, I would argue that the forces being aligned within the United States alone will see a greater level of carnage and human misery than anything else before in history.

It’s one thing for the average Joe who has not been carefully following what has been happening to be caught off guard when things suddenly explode. But Roosh knows better than almost any man alive how the pieces are laid out. His attitude is an expression of hope that there is still a possibility to somehow avoid what is coming. Of course you will be much better prepared in a location like rural Kentucky than in downtown Los Angeles, but the idea that in a better position you can get on with your daily life as civilization collapse around you is somewhat naive. I mean, come on people; look at history for God’s sake.

Generation X is as much to blame as anyone for what is to come. We eagerly partook in the cursed offering of the sexual revolution and chose hedonism over morality and duty. At least have the nous to hold a gun and man the barricades when it gets hot. In any case, the luckiest ones will be those who die first.

Just your random happy thought of the day.

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