Workplace MGTOW

From Twitter.

A Republican candidate for the governor of Mississippi has infuriated people with vaginas everywhere for publicly stating that he will not allow female journalists to shadow him on the campaign trail as this is not permissible by his religion. As he is a Christian this means that his act is worthy of public ridicule. If on the other hand he were a Muslim then his announcement would have been greeted with the public sensitivity that it deserved.

Females who profess to write words have gone to the mattresses in an all out attack on Robert Foster’s credibility as a man. Apparently he is scared of women; he is scared of his own potential misdemeanors; I assume that they have declared that he is scared of his own shadow. For only a scaredy-cat pretend male would have to resort to so pathetic a move. There is simply no other possible explanation.

“So, the columnists all believe that the best way to deal with the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace is to shower men with contempt, to goad them, to ridicule and to mock them. Faced with such hostility, most men know better than to retaliate. But some do not.Forget about sex for a minute– I know it’s difficult, but at least try– and ask yourself whether you, male or female, would want to work with human beings, of either gender, who indulge in such adolescent behavior.

“That is, who believe that the best way to diminish sexual harassment is to foster a hostile cultural environment where men are treated with contempt.Introducing such hostility makes certain people appear to be untrustworthy. It makes them appear to have a cultural agenda, beyond their commitment to the company. If they are demeaning their male colleagues they cannot at the same time be showing themselves willing to work together on projects.

“Respecting other people precludes treating them with contempt. I hope that this is not the first time you have heard that. The three Post columnists have aggravated the problem; they have not shown us the way to a solution.”

Foster would have been within his rights to make such an announcement 50 years ago, but in today’s #MeToo environment it is a total no-brainer. One of the reasons that the female writers quoted in the article are so upset is because Foster’s move is the workplace version of MGTOW. However, unlike private MGTOW which I consider to be a cop-out and self defeating, workplace MGTOW is an absolute necessity for the modern man. The women are so angry because their only recourse against workplace MGTOW is shame and ridicule. But if the man involved simply does not care what these women think of him then they are effectively powerless.

That’s a place where you want to be.

Another reason that Foster is so smart here is the modern reality that in many cases women are literally overgrown children. Not only can you not reason with them but their behavior includes childlike revenge patterns with no awareness or care of the potential consequences.

Take the following Twitter feed report of a young woman in the workplace who had an article corrected by her editor and her subsequent meltdown. (Note – she’s a young female writer so she is exactly the type of individual that Robert Foster is not prepared to be left alone in a room with.)

“They had been speaking in low tones, but their volume got louder toward the end of the conversation because the young woman was getting agitated about a particular edit. That particular edit was correcting the spelling of “hampster” to “hamster”. Apparently she had used the phrase “like spinning in a hamster wheel” in this draft (presumably) speech or or op-ed.

“The young woman kept saying, “I don’t know why you corrected that because I spell it with the P in it.” The boss said (calmly), “But that’s not how the word is spelled. There is no P in hamster.” Young woman: “But you don’t know that! I learned to spell it with a P in it so that’s how I spell it.” The boss (remaining very calm and professional), let’s go to and look it up together. (mind you, this is a woman in her late 20s, not a 5th grader)

“The young woman insists she doesn’t need to look it up because it’s FINE to spell it with a P because that’s HOW SHE WANTED TO SPELL IT.”

But it gets much worse. Keep in mind that this woman is in her late twenties.

“Boss gets up from table and goes to her office and the young woman can barely hold it together. She moves to another table in the common workspace area, drops all her stuff loudly on the table top, and starts texting. A minute later, her phone rings. It was her mom. She had texted her mom to call her because it was urgent, and I’m sure her mother maybe thought she was in the ER or something. She then … PUTS HER MOM ON SPEAKERPHONE. IN THE WORKPLACE.

“She bursts into tears and wants her mom to call her boss and tell her not to be mean about telling her how to spell words like “hamster”. The mother tells her that her boss is an idiot and she doesn’t have to listen to her and she should go to the boss’ boss to file a complaint about not allowing creativity in her writing.

“The young woman kept saying, “I thought what I wrote was perfect and she just made all these changes and then had the nerve to tell me I was spelling words wrong when I know they are right because that is how I have always spelled them.” She then went on (still on speakerphone) to tell her mom I’m very great and office-inappropriate detail about how hungover she was and what she and her friends did with some guys the night before. Mom laughed and laughed.

Read the whole thing.

Workplace MGTOW as far as I’m concerned is not an option for men living in Anglo-Saxon countries. What do you think that such a woman is capable of doing if she thinks that it will be to her own advantage to make up some false accusations about her boss? Do you think perhaps that her justification HAMSTER will go into overdrive? I think that there would be a 100% chance of this happening. And I also think that you have to assume that every woman in the workplace is like this woman. Do you think that she will be any better or more mature in 10 or even 20 years time?

The answer is that she will be worse.

Men going their own way in the workplace is now critical common sense. Not only that but it is a very real opportunity for men to take back their workplaces from women without being accused of discrimination. Because there are a lot of hampsters out there.

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