Waleed Aly is a Pathological Liar


Waleed Aly is arguably Australia’s most dishonest media personality, and that’s saying a lot because there are so many who are utterly incapable of telling the truth.

The reason Wally takes the prize is because everything he says is gaslighting in one way or another. His entire shtick is to find an issue and hide or manipulate facts in order to push his warped, Satanic, anti-white globalist agenda.

A great example recently came when he penned a column about Adam Goodes and it had all the predictable lies and half-truths including this absolute whopper:

To be sure, there are some important differences. Trump was hurling nakedly racist insults at the four women, while Goodes was subject to more coded abuse whose racist elements had to be deduced rather than merely quoted. Trump is dealing with sworn political foes, engaged in a formal partisan battle, while Goodes was conscripted into a conflict he never chose. In short, Trump has treated the Democrat congresswomen in a way that violates the terms of legitimate combat. Goodes wasn’t voluntarily in combat to begin with.

The three lies here are so blatant you’d have to have seriously A-Grade brainwashing to believe it.

  1. There was nothing “coded” about the booing of Adam Goodes, people were very clear and concise about why they were booing him.
  2. Goodes was NOT “conscripted,” he purposefully set out to be an Aboriginal activist and thus rightly got what was coming to him.
  3. Goodes was most definitely voluntarily in combat to begin with and is still voluntarily in combat. He could end it all with a heartfelt apology, but he won’t because he is there of his OWN FREE WILL.

I will be doing a full breakdown of this article in the next few days on my channel, and David and I will be discussing this on the livestream as well, so subscribe and share if you haven’t already.

As for Waleed Aly, I felt it was good time to release a BitChute exclusive calling him out for the vile little liar that he is. I can’t release it on YouTube because the site will likely censor it for telling too much truth.

Come watch it HERE.

You will need a VPN, so if you don’t want to pay for it simply download Opera Browser and turn on the one built in.

If you enjoy it, please share it because word of mouth is the only way we can spread our message these days, tech companies are desperate to hide the truth in any way they can.

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