XYZ Live #67 – Last Stream before the Election and the worst immigration policy in history


With less than a week to go before the election, the proportion of the vote for parties other than the big four stands at 15%. Will this vote favour Fraser Anning, or will it be whittled away by One Nation and Clive Palmer?

Meanwhile, the Labor Party have declared that the Liberal Party’s immigration policy on family reunions is unfair, and has proposed its own policy which could, as explained in this article from Macro Business, open the floodgates to millions of elderly migrants into Australia over the next few years if Labor wins office.

So much for the argument that Australia needs mass migration to keep the economy ticking over.

Not to be outdone by the Liberal Party’s pledge to crack down on online trolls and the Labor Party’s pledge to strengthen 18c, the Greens have vowed to jail anyone who disagrees with them. Pretty much.

Oh, and there was something at the end about some freak fashion blogger getting virtual-lynched for flagrant use of the expression “a step in the right direction”. Not even kidding.