The real cause of the Australian road toll


This little gem caught my eye in The Australian:

“* The number of Australians killed on the nation’s roads grew by 19 per cent in the three months to March, prompting a call from the Australian Automobile Association for decisive action from the federal government.”

The thing is that the governments in Australia, both state and federal, have been doing the whole decisive action thing for decades now. But for some reason in the last few years the numbers just keep on going up. Victoria in particular is not doing well in this regard, and that’s even with their oh so impressive and emotionally compelling advertising campaign where they try to guilt-trip us all into not crashing into each other.

Calendar year to midnight 2 May 2019

2018 Lives lost                2019 Lives lost
67                                108 (up 61.2%)

Of course the authorities have many possible explanations for these horrendous statistics. Drink driving, drug driving, not wearing seat belts, mobile phone use, the list goes on and the draconian attempts to compel us to drive more safely get more intrusive and ridiculous. Pretty soon in some parts of Melbourne at least, I’d put money on the speed limit having a negative sign in front of it.

But it’s what’s not being said that is instructive as to a rather large indicator of the cause of the carnage on our roads. For Victoria is the preferred settling place of choice for the hundreds of thousands of Indian immigrants that reach our shores every year. It seems that nobody has given any consideration to the effect on the road toll of importing huge numbers of third world immigrant invaders who are already in possession of a valid driving license from their countries of origin. In order to get a driving license in these countries one simply has to pay a bribe. And Australian state governments honor these licenses. In fact, there is not a single country in the world that issues a driving license that is not honored in Australia and subsequently converted into a valid Australian driving license on request.

To put this into perspective, the value of an Australian driving license in the EU is six months. After that, if you want to get yourself an EU equivalent then you will have to undergo the full driving test program. I know as I had to do it when I lived in Italy. And recently in the Netherlands I was told that my Australian motorcycle license is not valid and if I want to ride a bike then I’ll have to do a written test and three practical tests.

The reason for this state of affairs is the fact that Australia is a driving license laundering service for the third world. We have no standards that we impose on the people immigrating here as regards to their driving qualifications, and as a result we also have no requirements as to their actual driving abilities. After all, such a requirement would be racist and we can’t be accused of that modern mortal sin.

Hence the inherent stubbornness of the road toll not to follow bureaucratic instructions to decrease. Third world peasants have a tendency to drive like third world peasants. Unfortunately they do not follow the magic dirt theory of civic nationalism when they arrive and suddenly all become Mark Webber. It seems that those western values which are supposedly just a system that can be easily learned do not extend to magically inheriting civic nationalist driving skills.

This has knock on effects in other aspects as well, not just the road toll or the worthlessness of our driving qualifications. Consider truck driving, a career of choice for many young working class Australian men. The cost to get a full truck driving license in Australia runs into the thousands of dollars. It’s a significant barrier to entry for men who traditionally have that much money to invest in their own professional education. But dodgy truck driving licenses from countries such as India are honored in Australia. Which is why so many commercial trucks in Melbourne are now being driven by Indian immigrants. Of course, the prog left will fob this off as simply yet another example of a job that native Australians don’t want to do which is why we have to import all of the foreigners. But of course this is a giant lie; Australians do want to do these jobs but they’re simply being priced out of the market, not only in wages but in the qualifications required to get the jobs in the first place.

But the authorities cannot dare approach their obsession with the national road toll from this perspective; to do so would be career suicide. Just the thought alone that all these millions of third world immigrants, might, just might be having an effect on the driving population at large is complete anathema to them. Perhaps if they started releasing the road toll and criminal vehicle negligence figures by race we might gain a clearer understanding of the underlying problem.

Not going to happen though when your national religion is multiculturalism.

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