Food For Thought – Only So Much A Koala Can Bear


A long time ago, in an election cycle far far away, Stefan Molyneux was one of those voices I cited in my Food for Thoughts to combat the multi-culti hellscape of globohomo. In the current year though Stefan seems to be more concerned with supporting the MSN trope that “punching Nazis is okay” (Nazis being any White male in favour of an ethno-state), because according to Molyneux we violate the non-agression principle (NAP):

Way to agree with the establishment Molyneux:

The fact that a contingent of White Nationalists can’t even assemble for a legally permitted protest in their own countries without the establishment’s corporate controlled fake news media maligning participants as pariahs and “counter-protesters” (aka criminal communist rioters) as virtuous heroes is indicative of the clown-world we inhabit.

Meanwhile in the Jewish ethno-state of Israel (of which Molyneux has stated “I have no problem with Israel”), elemental forces have been causing havoc:

Perhaps the anti-White establishment should consider these few facts I’ve outlined in a Minds post today (please note all my posts on Minds are default marked to explicit by the site’s admins):


Food For Thought.

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