PooGate: Defecating on the face of a white woman complies with ABC editorial policy


Let’s play a game.

Imagine that on our regular Monday night livestream or on the new Uncuckables which airs at 8:30 pm AEST every Thursday, Matty’s Modern Life or myself stated “F— [deliberately omitted], I s— on your postcolonialism,” while pretending to defecate on a cushion featuring the face of a black woman.

Five minutes later, like literally five minutes later, this would happen:

(We need to talk about the institutionalised racism of the SWATing of exclusively white gamers, but that will have to wait for another time.)

Switch the roles and put it on the ABC, and it gets called “soaring.”

State-funded female “comedians” Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell on the ABC program Get Krack n.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

The final episode of the breakfast show satire, guest-hosted by Indigenous stars Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell and co-written by Lui, temporarily paused its usual humour to deliver a stunning polemic denouncing morning TV’s headline-grabbing attacks on marginalised groups, as seen in recent on-air diatribes from the likes of Sonia Kruger and Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

In a testing nod to the censors, and no doubt the ABC’s conservative critics, it also featured uncensored shots of a flaccid penis, a bloody menstrual cup being rinsed slowly and clumsily, and a fully dilated cervix, baby’s head crowning, as its ultimate parting image.

The striking episode was trending on Twitter following its screening on ABC – stealing some online shine from Nine behemoth Married At First Sight – with viewers praising “some of the most powerful TV I’ve seen in a while”.

“Final ep of [Get Krack!n]: brutal, brilliant, funny, breaking every rule in TV comedy, from dicks to crowning, in a masterclass that’ll piss off so many,” journalist Simon Thomsen tweeted.

“The most soaring 30 minutes of Australian TV ever produced,” wrote author Benjamin Law.

“One for the history books,” another comment read.

I’ll bet that The XYZ comments section will belie this attempt by the SMH to gaslight us into thinking the episode was well received.

The Google algorithm has conveniently pushed that fact to page 2.

From the Australian:

The ABC is reviewing allegations of editorial policy breaches after it received a number of complaints relating to the final episode of satire program Get Krack!n.

A spokesman for the national broadcaster confirmed to The Australian it had received “fewer than 20 complaints” about the finale, which attracted 365,000 national viewers on Wednesday night, but said the episode did comply with ABC editorial policy and standards.

Then. There. Is. Something. Seriously. Messed. Up. With. ABC. Policy. And. Standards.

“Like all good comedy, the show often takes on its targets in a provocative fashion for greater impact,” the ABC spokesman said.

“The episode to which you refer highlighted the powerful perspectives of two Indigenous Australian female presenters in a comedic and challenging manner, including their satirical response to the ways in which commercial television often depicts marginalised groups.”

The Australian actually bothered to mention the PooGate incident, something which the not-so-naive-after-all gushing piece from the SMH just happened to leave out:

Get Krack!n, which ran for two seasons, was a satire of breakfast television hosted by Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, who pretended to be running a low budget early television program. However the finale special featured Indigenous actors Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell, and took aim at the way commercial television depicts marginalised groups. Along with being littered with the f-word and c-word, it featured male and female genitalia and ended with Lui attempting to defecate on a cushion featuring the face of a white woman.

Mind you, I had to go to page 3 of the Google search to get the context, courtesy of the Herald Sun

“F— these white cushions,” shouted Tapsell at cushions featuring the faces of the show’s usual hosts, whites Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney.

“F— ’ whitey … I s— on your colonisation,” shrieked Lui, who pretended to defecate on one cushion.

… along with Andrew Bolt’s observation that this sort of thing will probably escalate tensions in the race war currently underway in the West:

The Christchurch massacre by a white supremacist shows what a race war can lead to, so will the ABC stop pouring petrol on to the flames?

The ABC last week screened an episode of its “comedy”, Get Krack!n, that again demonstrated the kind of anti-white racism bound to make some other white loser think they’re in a war on their “race”.

Actors Miranda Tapsell and Nakkiah Lui both have white ancestors, identify as Aboriginal, and enjoy successful careers…

This isn’t the first time the ABC has sponsored such racism. Lui also starred in a skit where Aboriginal guests took turns to call white people “c—-”.An earlier McLennan and McCartney skit called “White Australia, eat my black s— for reconciliation” was exactly as it sounds: the women apparently eating a black man’s faeces.

This is the ABC funding not reconciliation but a new racism against whites — and in the lethally naive belief that this will never provoke some whites into reacting as if threatened.

Or is it indeed to provoke a nasty reaction to justify their smug theory that Australia is filled with racists?

Bolt still believes it necessary to virtue signal a little and seems to be of the opinion that the race war has not yet started, but the fact that he even uses the terms “race war” and “anti-white” is yuge.

Nobody should watch television. Everything on film on television is designed to make black people and white people angry at each other, it is designed to make us want to kill each other, and it is deliberately designed this way by people who think they will benefit from the chaos that ensues.

So in order to deescalate the situation and avoid bloodshed, let us have a look at the issues.

Firstly, that “stunning polemic” which was apparently a rebuttal of an “on-air-diatribe” from Kerri-Anne Kennerley actually repeated the exact same points that Kennerley made before she was rudely interrupted by Yumi Stynes, who proceeded to insult Kennerley with the slur of “racist” in the argument, not diatribe” that ensued. Kennerley pointed out that slogans about changing the date of Australia Day is virtue signalling which fails to address the serious issues of Aboriginal disadvantage, in particular the shocking rates of abuse and suicide amongst Aboriginal youth.

What is in dispute is not aboriginal disadvantage, but how the left exploits aboriginal disadvantage to push its agenda. Conservatives both white and aboriginal focus solely on addressing aboriginal disadvantage through practical measures while the left claims that these disadvantages can only be addressed by tackling systemic racism. As I have pointed out, what both sides miss is that aboriginal disadvantage is at its heart a symptom of the fact that aborigines are indeed a defeated people. In all honesty, I don’t know if will ever be solved.

Secondly, the use of the word “often”.

“The episode to which you refer highlighted the powerful perspectives of two Indigenous Australian female presenters in a comedic and challenging manner, including their satirical response to the ways in which commercial television often depicts marginalised groups.”

In newspeak, “often” means “twice”.

Once when Sonia Kruger mentioned the fact that people actually have a right to be worried about Islamic terror, and once when Kerri-Anne Kennerley questioned how white people marching to #changethedate was going to stop aboriginal kids from killing themselves.

What made Sonia Kruger’s and Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s principled stands so scandalous was that they were such singularly rare moments when the truth accidentally slipped out on mainstream television. The mainstream media is almost exclusively anti-white from top to bottom, something which The XYZ has repeatedly documented again and again and again. It is telling that Kruger was dragged before a tribunal for her thoughtcrime, and the chief ideological propaganda outlet of the left felt the need to quite literally defecate on the faces of white people in response.

The message is absolutely clear:

Do not openly contradict the narrative or we will destroy you and publicly humiliate you.

The PooGate incident was a direct vilification of our womenfolk and a deliberate escalation of the race war. In the past, this act of war was met in kind. As I have stated, the only thing which has prevented full escalation thus far has been the restraint shown by white men in the face of repeated violent attacks and such ritual public humiliation.

This is why we need to talk about race.

The only way to deescalate the situation is to give real white men, not the handpicked globalist talking head white men, a voice, and to openly discuss issues of race without being literally shouted down.