The war on protein


When viewed in context, the last 40 odd years of government intervention in the health and in particular the dietary habits of the general population carries an ominous whiff of treachery. If you take the time to go back and examine this history, just about everything governments pushed was not only wrong but downright dangerous. The explosion in diseases such as diabetes, which was virtually unknown a mere 30 years ago, is a direct result of such meddling in the iceboxes of the nation.

Probably the most destructive recommendation was the push for people to consume carbohydrates instead of protein. Linked to this was the demonization of natural fat. So butter and lard were bad for you, but a chemical product such as margarine was somehow good. Under this regime heart disease didn’t just increase; it literally took off and soared to the heavens. The continual consumption of chemical foods, a daily assault on our bodies’ ability to break down what is ingested, has also seen a dramatic rise on all types of cancers, but particularly those linked to the bowel and digestive tracts.

People have become more unhealthy, with obesity now at epidemic levels. Ironically, governments have also pushed for people to be more physically active. So now you have the absurd situation where in places like Sweden it is mandatory for workers to participate in ridiculous daily exercise programs while at work, programs themselves which are also destructive for the body as anyone with even half a brain understands when confronted with a monstrosity such as Crossfit.

Thankfully, those who are willing to make the effort to educate themselves have still been able to live a healthy life. To my understanding, a diet which is high in protein, fat, and dairy when combined with a strict strength regime like powerlifting is the key to good health into old age.

But for how much longer? Because there is emerging a steady war on protein, a war that has its beginnings in occult activism such as veganism as well as in academia. It’s only a matter of time before this battle jumps to the public service where it will become official public policy. Over the last 6 months I have observed a steady and alarming increase in the war on protein. From attacks on butcher shops in France to academics extolling the virtues of veganism, the mainstream media has been ratcheting up the volume a little bit more every day.

Recently this battle jumped over and hitched a ride on the bloated carcass of climate change. Spurious claims of the danger of cow farts of all things on the environment are spearheading a now concerted push to eventually make the consumption of meat illegal. If they succeed then you can add milk to the list as well, since that important product also happens to come from our beloved cows.

This is an extremely worrying development for multiple reasons. First of all the current global population is only able to be sustained because of animal protein. It is extremely resource efficient to consume animal products since the animals perform the critical task of converting plant food into consumptive energy for us. This is a task that must be left to herbivores since they are far more efficient at doing it. There is not enough available viable land on the planet to support the human population if we all suddenly had to eat kale. And it’s not even close. The famines that would arise from such a development would be terrible indeed.

That is the most obvious outcome of a ban on animal protein and fats. But there is another more insidious outcome. The modern human population is as tall as it is and as strong as it is because of these products. When Australia was settled the most common food product for the average working class man was mutton. At the same time as the Irish were starving on a few measly potatoes, the first Australians were enjoying a diet high in protein. Over a few generations Australians became very healthy; strong, tough, and imposing. In the Great War, Australian troops scared the crap out of the Europeans. In the Second World War the German general Erwin Rommel was on record as stating that the Australian fighting man was the best and most imposing in the world.

This was down to protein. Before the 20th century, protein was a luxury. The working class had little opportunity to consume it. Thus they were physically different from the upper classes. While the upper classes were tall and strong, the urban lower classes tended to be smaller and weaker. Milk in particular had a huge impact on the growth spurt of the average teenage boy. The Dutch are an excellent example of this as they are among the highest consumers of milk per capita in the world.

A ban on meat and dairy products would have a disastrous effect on the ability of the great unwashed to be able to remain strong and healthy. Which is why the steady increase in volume in this direction seems very ominous to me. What better way for the coastal elite to continue the subjugation of the great unwashed masses than by eliminating the only way for them to remain fit and healthy? The government programs of the past 40 years which have been specifically designed to undermine the health of the general population and thereby render them dependent on government handouts and intervention, (Obamacare anyone?), did not go far enough for the elites. It is not enough for them to count on people falling for the many traps that have been laid out. They have to be able to eliminate resistance once and for all.

That is what the emerging war on protein is all about. Expect a schoolkids’ march against protein in the not too distant future. The very people who will need it the most will be successfully brainwashed into attacking it. Prepare to fight for your right to barbeque.

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