State-funded terrorist-supporting ABC uses report by state-funded terrorist-supporting Al Jazeera to smear anti-terrorist One Nation with terrorism


There are many words I could use to describe One Nation.


Sell outs.

A political party which by adopting a civic nationalist message and image is betraying the the very reason for its existence, as articulated in Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech, namely, the ethnic replacement of real Australians.

But supporters of gun violence and terrorism? No. One Nation stands firmly against both. In fielding a Muslim candidate in the recent NSW state election, One Nation made it clear that while they misguidedly support so-called “moderate muslims” they stand firmly against Islamic terrorism.

The newspeak word our globalist masters allow us to use for Islamic terrorism is currently “extremism”, a term vague enough that it can be conveniently applied to any real conservative who opens his mouth in public.

By conveniently publishing a hit piece with the convenient title “How to sell a massacre” by Al Jazeera barely a week and a half after a purportedly white male massacred 50 muslims with a series of suspiciously modified guns, (which has led to predictable political and media hysteria regarding the tightening of gun laws despite statistics which demonstrate that high levels of gun ownership prevent crime and that high rates of gun violence has a strong correlation with high rates of diversity,) the ABC has by inference attempted to associate One Nation with gun violence and terrorism, sorry, extremism.

If true, there is absolutely nothing wrong with soliciting donations from the NRA, other than that it is one of the few institutions in the Western world which hasn’t been entirely hijacked by NPC’s and SJW’s and is thus an obvious target for the globalist media. The ABC report makes a big deal about the corrupting influence of money from the gun lobby on the political system, yet there is no mention of the influence of money from unions, the close ties between the ALP and GetUp! and of course, the influence of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

One Nation supporters will not be the least bit fazed by the fact that the party is clearly a big supporter of gun rights and gun ownership.

Because, you know..

The XYZ cannot verify the historical accuracy of this meme.

Here’s the juicy bit. Al Jazeera is owned by the Qatari government, and has been accused of being a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organisation which is banned in many countries around the world. The ABC is owned by the Australian government, and when it threw its weight against a former member of Antifa who spoke out against the cult-like terrorist organisation which has repeatedly used violence against its conservative opponents, it effectively came to the defence of a terrorist organisation. So, in other words, the state-funded terrorist-supporting ABC has used a report by state-funded terrorist-supporting Al Jazeer media smear the explicitly anti-terrorst One Nation Party with an association with terrorism.

Foreign government interference in the Australian political system, on your money..

This is basically how the mainstream media operate. From time to time people will become suspicious that a certain story has sprung up out of nowhere to distract from another. This is not something that happens from time to time, it is literally how the media operates. They do have pieces in the pipeline which always seem to be conveniently timed, but it is more that they have a constant stream of stories which are slanted and designed to make conservative straight white males look evil.

This year alone we have seen the narratives of Smilegate, Jussiegate and Russiagate all demolished in the US, and Basilfawltygate, Invasiondaygate, Victimblaminggate and Egggate here in Australia, all demolished. But it doesn’t matter to the mainstream media that its lies are destroyed in real time by the alternative media, because there is always another well timed hit piece or opportunistic scandal to exploit.

The lying media will always double down on its own narrative despite being proven liars, and its strategy of relentlessly pushing its false narrative is designed to make ordinary people give up, go crazy.