Yes Gentlemen, Decent Women DO Exist – But We Desperately Need Your Help.


In recent weeks I have been overcome with sadness for the negative impact my gender has wrought on society. We women have engineered some of the worst social policies our Western civilisation has ever seen and in coming years we may be seeing more of it.

But it’s not just others that we have harmed and weakened over the past decades, strong evidence exists that we have also been rapidly reducing our own happiness, which may be making us the most stressed out, depressed and addicted generation of Causasian women that has ever existed – even as we enjoy greater and greater societal freedoms.

The mainstream media tells us we should be revelling in our post-Tinder society, and yet many of us are living with a pervasive sense of meaninglessness, and an increasing number are being blind-sided in their thirties with the biological reality that they will likely never bear children.

Women need to own these facts, and take responsibility for them as best we can, but it’s also important for men to know that NOT “all women are like that” (Yes, I’m looking at you MGTOW!).

There are decent women out there. Women who, like myself, in our own imperfect ways, are trying to rebuild solid family and home lives, recognising the pivotal role women play in these spheres.

We have much further to go of course, but we are making a start. And I am encouraged by the example of younger women coming after me.

I know one young woman who wears modest dress as part of her Christian witness, I know another young woman who recently married, and who told me how excited she is about becoming a wife and hopefully a mother to many children – whom she firmly intends to home-school.

We women who desire to live and work with men and not against them are out there. We do our best to joyfully accept the challenges and blessings that come to us through our nature as women. We are slowly recovering what it means to complement men and accept their headship in our lives.

But all is not well. We need your help.

Slowly, I am coming to realise that while we women engineered these massive social problems of feminism, the welfare state, immigration etc. – I do not believe that we can overcome them on our own.

I have heard from a number of men on the right that women need to shape up before they will again give us regard and respect as wives, mothers, and sisters. But even though there is a fairness to this attitude – we truly have hurt men, and we need to repair that damage, – the reality is we cannot pull ourselves out from this; we are followers by nature, and we need your leadership.

We need your initiative, your guidance, your patience and your forbearance while we learn how to be feminine again. When we become hard and uncompromising, we need you to remind us of our capacity for sensitivity, maternity, receptivity and vulnerability. And conversely, when our capacity for nurture leads us to be too soft on those who would take advantage of our compassion (migration crisis anyone?) we may need you to remind us of this too.

Throughout history, women have been the recipients of men’s love, care and protection. And, even though I know we don’t deserve it, I humbly ask for the same.

I know that we are a more fractured and more damaged generation of women than perhaps ever before – and I accept that it is not easy to love women who are still deeply affected by the feminism, progressivism and self-righteousness of our culture.

But I’m asking anyway. Because we need your help.

It may not be fair, but it’s the truth.

And with your help, you may discover that we are your faithful allies, your soft place to fall, and the companions who will love you with an admiration and devotion that makes the fight worthwhile.