The right to self defense

Courtesy of the Herald Sun and Meme Generator.

The cultural delights of diversity continue apace in Melbourne in an incident where two teenage white boys were set upon at a train station and mugged by a group of up to 20 culture enricher imports. What is different about this encounter is that the white kids went back with their own muscle and sent the Sundanese packing.

According to the Herald Sun, a group of youths went to the station yesterday and confronted people of African appearance, who left after a tense standoff.

The group then walked around the station with baseball bats.

The white kids were marking their territory and letting it be known that they weren’t going to take any more nonsense. The reaction from authorities was predictable.

Police and the premier have this morning urged people not to take justice into their own hands.

“I can understand that they’re obviously particularly frustrated. I think that members of Victoria Police are frustrated — we’re all frustrated that some in our community choose to behave badly,” Mr Andrews said. “Having said that, though, I would urge people if you believe a crime has been committed ring Triple Zero. That’s for your own safety and to make sure that people are caught and get the justice they richly deserve.

“Taking matters in your own hands is never a smart idea for you or for anybody else.”

The premier is seriously behind the times as the frustration stage was passed a few years ago. We’re in a different phase now, the phase where the general public accepts that the police are not on their side and are not inclined to uphold the law, a task for which their salaries are paid for by the general public. The breakdown in order happened quite some time ago. Now the true delights of multiculturalism are beginning to reveal themselves as communities splinter and arm themselves along racial lines while the police pick sides based on which groups are the current PC flavors of the month.

A society that is experiencing an internal racial conflict can go one of two ways. Either it ignores the real problem and becomes more draconian against the native population in an effort to impose control. Banning citizens from owning weapons or being able to defend themselves is a core indication that things are not going well.

The opposite approach is the race realism approach and this must come from a government that understands what is really at stake. A government that does not flinch from the truth of biological realities. A government like that which has finally blessed Italy.

In September last year, the Italian government loosened the countries gun laws. The new law doubled the number of “sport” weapons that licensed citizens could own, a category that includes some semiautomatic weapons such as several models of the AR-15. It also loosened limits on magazine capacity.

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has rejected that he is arming Italy up, saying he just wants to give good guys a chance to defend themselves.

Notice what Salvini states; the Italian citizens are the good guys. But there is more good news to come:

The government’s bill on legitimate-self-defence will be approved by the end of February, Matteo Salvini said.

The bill will introduce rules similar to the US stand-your-ground laws where virtually all forms of self-defence on one’s property against intruders are deemed legitimate.

The aim is to protect the sacrosanct right to legitimate defence of good citizens, shopkeepers, entrepreneurs and farmers.

Good citizens once again. The term is being used at every opportunity in order to create a clear break between native Italians and the now unwanted invaders. So in Italy citizens who defend themselves from attacks are good citizens while in Australia these same good citizens are at serious risk of criminal prosecution.

One nation has a future and one does not.