Progressively Inclined Green Senators

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

This is a tale, sad but true

Of a group of people (and they are few)

Who want to dictate how you think,

So long as it’s progressive poofta pink.


They hate you if you are male – white

Your heterosexuality is a blight

These people exist, of this I can attest

In Canberra, the capital they infest.


Their ultimate aim is to pervert our kids.

Turn them into LGBT squids,

Get them to regurgitate homo-marxist ink,

So long as it’s progressive poofta pink.


These PIGS hate you and want you gone

‘Cause you don’t fit their equality song.

All the while taxing you to the hilt,

To subvert the greatest society ever built.


Not by homo or transgender

Or climate changing feminist bender,

Does any benefit to society, these things bring,

Except the stench of failure and its sting.


So vote not once for these PIGS,

But mock their feelings, they will snap like twigs

They’ll cry tears of offence and faux outrage

But never, ever let them out of their cage.


And if you want more ammo for your fight.

Live stream MML* every Monday night

Where PIGS tears are countered with derision;

It’s better than Master Bacherloring to the television.


*Matty’s Modern Life