Crusader Blues


Steve B

I fought the Saracen, so far away
From my homeland so that Christians could stay
Safe on their journeys to the Holy Lands
And travel there safely over the desert sands.

The murderous Sultans and Islamic foe
Attacked Christian lands, blow after blow
And killed and destroyed and sent into slavery
All who’d not convert to Islamic knavery.

We fought, we died, we spilled our blood
And Islam was smashed in that red flood
We took Jerusalem and made it ours
For eighty-eight years, we held those towers.

We lost Jerusalem but did not give it away
The Saracens took it, but we made them pay
So far away from our homelands we lived and fought
But in the end, ‘twas not all for nought.

Barbarossa fought the Moslem in eleven ninety
And won great victories that were mighty
Then drowned for his troubles in a raging river
But when the ravens stop flying, Islam will shiver.

Islamic expansion was held in check
And repeated attempts to strike at our neck
Resulted in Mohammad paying a price
That cost him dearly when he rolled the dice.

So now in the present, you’re telling me
That Islam has infiltrated, is roaming free
In all I spilled blood for, back in the day
You miserable cowards are giving it away?

To Mohammed who hates you and wishes you dead
Whose rabid ambition is to strike off your head
And you invite him to sit and sup at your table
And freely eat, while you he’ll disable.

Pick up that sword, do not let him dine
Do not cast your precious pearls before swine
Fight for the cause, the flag of the cross
Smite the Saracen and show him who’s boss.


Originally published March 26, 2017.

Photo by The British Library