Champagne level German propaganda


You might have heard the story about the two European girls who were killed last week in Morocco while hiking in the Atlas Mountains. Apparently one of the girls was beheaded and their attackers seem to be connected to ISIS.

I could deliver a long homily on why blonde haired Scandinavian girls should really resist the temptation to go traveling on their own in 2nd and 3rd world countries. I once dumped a long term girlfriend who insisted on organising a trip by herself around Africa. I informed her in no uncertain terms that when she got in deep trouble she would not be able to count on me to bail her out. I presume that she was raped, murdered, and cut into small pieces.


It turns out that one of the Scandinavian lassies shared the following German government propaganda video to her Facebook feed back in 2015. The commercial is exhibit A in the ongoing attempt to make white men bad, and men who find goats attractive good and desirable.

The gods of irony are chuckling into their cups of hot tea as they sit by a cozy fire this Christmas time. Mind you, if there is one country that has always done propaganda well, it’s zee Germans.

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