Feelings, nothing more than feelings


The 1960s were infamous for the takeover of Western culture by a bunch of lazy hippies with a marked aversion to personal hygiene. That the gatekeepers of the day gave in to the bearded freaks’ vacuous exhortations of free love without consequences speaks more to their collective failure than to the hippies’ success. The idea was that if we just all learned to love one another, man, then peace and love would reign supreme and everything would be just groovy, man; can you dig it?

Unfortunately the far reaching consequences of such a cultural shift towards individual decadence and the hedonistic pursuit of feelings has not been great. With each decade the generational shift has echoed down the line with a steady descent down the rainbow stair of personal putrefaction. Until we reach our present nadir of the sexual revolution; a nadir which has gone just about as far as it possibly can. After all, if you’ve reached the kiddies then where else can you possibly go?

Cause and effect: cultural decadence.

That a 9 year old girl, (I think), is in attendance at a drag convention is bad enough. That a drag convention even exists in the first place is also cause for concern. But that this 9 year old is a drag superstar is beyond the pale. As is the lipstick. The balloon is noteworthy if only for the fact that they got the spelling correct.

McCain’s article examines the lie that gays are a creative class which will add value to an economy. Here’s a rock solid economic rule: if the progs say that something will benefit an economy then you can bet your last peso that it won’t benefit the economy.

I like the article and agree with it but I found it strange that he made no comment at all on the tweet that he linked to at the very beginning. Perhaps 9 year old drag queen superstars, (holy fuck – maybe it actually is a boy), have become so passe, so routine, that they now engender no comment whatsoever. When I look at images such as this I find it hard to disagree with Islamic infidels who proclaim that the West is a den of scum and villainy.

If we allow this sort of thing with our own children then what hope do we have? Surely circumstances such as these in biblical times would have rendered some sort of awful divine punishment involving salt and looking backwards and entire cities being devoured by plague and flame. And what is more we would have read about such terrible judgements in bible school and nodded our heads at the wisdom of it all, (while wondering what the fuck they were actually talking about).

This photo is the culmination of 50 odd years of slavish devotion to feelings. This is where feelings gets you. Nothing but feeling good all of the time.

But back to the photo of our 9 year old boy/girl/drag queen superstar. The poor child has been perverted with the willing encouragement of its parents. And we look upon it and see the great mutilation but we are now at the point where we simply shrug and move on. We are ourselves enthusiastic supporters of the gay version of the emperor has no clothes. Or at the very most he’s wearing sequins.

All this was done under the guise of tolerance. Of tolerating the worship of feelings. Which has led us to tolerating the worship of mental illness. And the end result is that our children are in the process of being contaminated. You’d think that God would be getting mighty pissed. And you’d be praying that there is no such thing as reincarnation.

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