XYZ Live #32 – Good Scott Bad Scott Morrison and Germany Rising


Last night’s livestream saw the introduction of a new segment – Good Scott Bad Scott – the premise of which is that we don’t know which way Scott Morrison will go. He stopped the boats, voted against gay marriage and is a committed Christian, yet he was Turnbull’s choice to prevent Peter Dutton from regaining conservative control over the liberal Party. On the bad side, Morrison appears committed to keeping Australia signed to the globalist abomination that is the Paris Climate Accord. On the good, he has used the John Setka Twitter Scandal to put pressure on Bill Shorten and the unions.

We even wrote a little song for it. Maybe we sang it too much, maybe not enough. You be the judge.

We also discussed the Chemnitz protests, African gangs in Melbourne, and the possibility of sending all communists to another planet.


Photo by feral arts