Personal experience with Socialist Alternative



If you have been to a conservative rally, a university campus or even a mall, you will have likely encountered them, easily recognisable by their foul mouths and equally disgusting body odour. If you have ever attempted to engage in political debate against them, you will have faced an incomprehensible string of rhetoric and misunderstandings of simple politics and economics. Of course, I am referring to the infamous Socialist Alternative (SAlt), built on the principles of Trotsky and (somehow) being able to influence university politics and write baseless narratives on the most benign of conservative groups on campus. In this piece, I aim to share my interactions with the Socialist Alternative, as I, a conservative, attempted to engage in dialogue with the group.

It was a warm summer’s day, fresh from high school, naive and hopeful for my campus experience. It was not long however, until this bubble was rudely destroyed by a pair of socialists standing near the entrance of the campus.

“Would you like to come to our conference?” questioned one of them.

I replied that I disliked the ideas of Socialism and will not be attending the conference, to which, I faced probing as to why I do not favour Socialism as a means of governance. I replied honestly that several family members lost their lives due to Socialism in conflicts, purges and starvation. The duo, relentless in their push to enact communism everywhere, still continued to push their agenda towards me, attempting to distinguish between Stalinism and Trotskyism, ignoring Trotsky’s own violent and genocidal thoughts and actions such as the founding of the Soviet military apparatus, the infamous Red Army amongst other things. It was the last I would see of them, or so I thought.

It was not too long until I was again subject to unusual conduct and behaviours by the Socialist Alternative. The Socialist Alternative, ever persisting in their quest to convert the minds of pupils from the evils of the Free Market, once again accosted students like myself, in a pitch to cut military research from universities, one thing which the SAlt doesn’t realise is important for national security whilst also helping deliver them the fabled cheaper college fees promised to them by the Marxian spirits above. It also interests me how the Socialist Alternative were able to assemble all their members to preach this one topic whilst ignoring the Chinese government asset of the Confucius Institute, linked to a whole catalogue of issues such as propaganda and spying. Such behaviours continued throughout the year and characterised a significant portion of the university social life and political sphere, drowning out all opposing views whether they were conservative such as the young liberals or centrists such as young labor and other groups.

To all those who current attend university, I implore you to report any such rude behaviour to university management such as security services or conduct services. Alternatively, one can also inform the student union. Creating discussions and posts on social media platforms like this XYZ are also beneficial in exposing the inner workings of the Socialist Alternative and allow for personal experiences to be shared. Other posts, by other authors more experienced and professional than myself, explain the inner workings of the Socialist Alternative in riveting texts. It’s too long that far left extremist groups have been tolerated on campus.

We must let the Socialist Alternative recognise we won’t stand for their conduct and disorderly behaviour to conservative students and staff.

We must resist their dominance and censorship on and off campus.

Signing out…