Going down without a fight

Bye Australia.

Local councils in Australia originally existed to manage the three R’s of local government – roads, rates, and rubbish. But in the last twenty years the face of local councils across Australia have been collectively hijacked by the prog far-left in the form of the Greens. They have politically weaponized councils and turned them into radical outlets for their Marxist and Socialist ideologies.

Several local councils across Australia stand out as being particularly bad in this regard. Fremantle council in Western Australia has a long and demented history of being out where the trains don’t run. Soy-boy-latte mayor Brad Pettitt is a prime example of the Quisling white leadership that have donned the black armband in search of bonus diversity points with their fellow progs. They’re counting on the hope that when they eventually triumph then they will be able to point to their own efforts at undermining Australia’s young and fragile culture as their get out of white jail free card.

Now another council, this time the lunatic lefties in Byron Bay, have decided to bring it upon themselves to make a cultural and political decision of the highest order.

“Scott Morrison has hit out at the “indulgent self-loathing” of a New South Wales council which has become the latest to change the date of its Australia Day events…

“Byron Shire Council on the NSW north coast will move its Australia Day event forward a day in order to acknowledge that January 26 marks “the day the cultural decimation and denigration of the First Australians began”.

Prime Minister Morrison had strong remarks in response to this decision:

“Indulgent self-loathing doesn’t make Australia stronger,” the Prime Minister tweeted in response to an article in The Daily Telegraph.

“Being honest about the past does. Our modern Aus(tralian) nation began on January 26, 1788.

“That’s the day to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, become, still to achieve. We can do this sensitively, respectfully, proudly, together.”

Unfortunately, strong words don’t really cut it anymore, unless you’re President Trump. And even then the only thing that his strong rhetoric has done is to awaken the American Right to the fact that they are in a war, that the other side is playing for keeps, and that this will not end well.

Well, we’re in exactly the same situation in Australia. The only difference is that we don’t have a Trump. No matter what is going on overseas in the land of our American cousins, the Right has not been awakened Down Under. We are asleep, moribund, drifting, aimless, directionless, apathetic, and resigned to our collective fate. Treasonous and revolutionary actions like that of the Byron Shire council, that should end with the entire council being put up against the wall and shot, manage only to generate a few pithy comments from our prime minister and a handful of articles decrying the despicable nature of such a development.

In reality people shrug their shoulders and move on with their lives. Just another bunch of leftie loonies. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along.

The leftie loonies count on that reaction. They see they lack of a concerted push-back and they take heart. And so they move on to the next stage of their plan to dismantle the once prosperous Anglo-Saxon nation of Australia and turn it into yet another future example of Communism not done well enough. The same sort of thing that is playing out now in the streets of Venezuela. The same sordid tale that continues to eke out its awful existence in the northern half of the Korean peninsula.

Americans are in a war that is only absent the large scale shooting, but at least they now know it. The knowing and acceptance is the most important step. After that is the winning. But the winning cannot occur without the former and we are asleep at the wheel. The frog in the pot is blissful in its warm state, only mildly aware of the irritations caused by the loonie lefties.

Australia as a nation has been destroyed in a very short period of time. Not only is it a great tragedy for the Australian people but it will result in endless political instability in South East Asia once the scramble for our resources begins in earnest. China, India, and Indonesia will move hard and fast once they see the collapse occurring. They’re won’t be much thought and appreciation on their parts for aboriginal culture once that genie is out of the bottle. But the aboriginals were only a pawn used by the progs to further their agenda. They will be discarded to the dustbin of history either way, they just don’t know it yet.

There is no leadership in Australia. Not in the federal government, nor in any of the state governments, and particularly not in any of the almost numberless local councils that are spread out all across the face of the nation. There is not one local council that has stood up to disown the actions of Byron council in any shape or form. They are silent because they are complicit; they merely wait their own turn to jump on the bandwagon of cultural destruction. No rubbish collection for them. They’re in the important business of undermining and sabotaging Australia’s meager cultural heritage.

We’re going down without a fight. An act that is particularly un-Australian. But it’s not Australia anymore.

This article was originally published at https://pushingrubberdownhill.com/, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

Photo by Etienne_Boulanger