XYZ Live #29: Alex Jones, Censorship and the Future of the Mainstream Media


On Monday night, David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life spoke with the editor of The Unshackled, Tim Wilms. After some initial banter regarding our physical appearance, past and present, we got down to the following topics:

  • The coordinated attack by social media giants Facebook, Google, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter and the Apple store in shutting down the accounts of Alex Jones.
  • How we can bypass these gatekeepers to reach a mass audience.
  • The Sky Cuck sage sparked by their interview with Blair Cottrell.
  • Boris Johnson’s great line comparing burkas to letterboxes, accompanied by the pessimistic assessment of where Old Blighty is headed.
  • The health of Martin Hartwig, the Unshackled journalist who was bashed by Antifa, and how the fact that the Fake News Media have not reported on this shows that they are terrified of giving alt media any oxygen whatsoever.


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Photo by seanpanderson