Viewer Poll: Should Australia hold a Plebiscite on Immigration?

Senator Fraser Anning.

In his maiden speech to Federal Parliament, Senator Fraser Anning has made the following proposal:

“We need a plebiscite to allow the Australian people to decide whether they want wholesale non-English speaking immigrants from the Third World and in particular whether they want any Muslims, or whether they want to return to the predominantly European immigration policy of the pre-Whitlam consensus.”

It is undeniable that immigration is currently altering the demographic make-up of Australia. It is also undeniable, given the reaction of Australia’s political and media establishment to his maiden speech, that this is the intention.

This is something Australians were never consulted on. The decision was made by Australia’s political establishment, and Australians are treated with disdain if ever they point this out and demand a say in the process.

There is a lot in Senator Anning’s proposal, but let us simplify the matter. Discussions on whether Australia’s immigration intake should be decreased, stay the same or increase, and the make-up of that immigration intake, can be figured out once we determine this first, simple question:

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