Thought for the Day: Lauren Southern on our governments’ betrayal


Last Friday, July 20 at the speaking event in Melbourne’s north, Lauren Southern responded to a question on why our governments are giving foreign aid to countries when farmers can’t afford fuel to transport hay, with words to the following effect:

“There has been a great betrayal of our people by our governments, due the bizarre belief that it is more moral to help someone outside our own community than inside it.”

This is a succinct articulation of the importance of in-group preference; the idea that we are naturally drawn to those with whom we share close familial ties, and naturally favour them over people who are more distant.  A nation based on common ancestry is essentially a very large extended family, and it is natural for us to preference the needs of those with whom we share a common ancestry.  Ultimately in-group preference is how a group survives and maintains its ethnic and cultural identity.  Without it, we would dissipate away into nothing.

In the same way that we (generally) love those in our family the most, we have generally cared more for people in our own country than those from outside.  But since World War Two we have been conditioned by the Cultural Marxists who have taken control of the narrative in our education system, media and politics, to view in-group preference as “racism”.  We have been conditioned to view a natural human behaviour, a behaviour which is essential to the survival of a group, as verboten.

A great example of this betrayal came less than a week later, when a man, who is supposedly a member of our extended family, prevented Southern from speaking to foreigners residing in Australia who well and truly know how to exercise in-group preference.

Meme courtesy of Make Australia Grouse Again.

It’s high time we remembered how to exercise it ourselves.

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