Most conservatives want to sell the ABC: Why isn’t it Liberal Party Policy?

Malcolm Traitor.

On June 16, members at the the Liberal Party’s Federal Council voted 2:1 for a policy to sell the ABC, demonstrating that a majority of the party’s rank and file agree that the ABC is incapable of reforming itself. The latest XYZ newspoll has provided more evidence of strong support from grassroots conservatives to privatise the ABC:

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That is 93% support to sell the ABC. The Liberal Party leadership must know this. They straight-batted the Federal Council motion but they must be fielding complaints from their constituents, and there must be division within the ranks of Liberal Party MP’s. Last year Pauline Hanson played a masterful hand to put pressure on the the ABC, and normie conservative media continues to compile evidence of ABC bias.

This may explain why some ABC figures have publicly admitted that there is bias at the ABC; they are transitioning from denial and anger and onto bargaining.

It is barely worth mentioning the misdirections and half truths leftists generally employ when defending the ABC. The discussion usually progresses from a socialist stating that there is no left-wing bias at the ABC; to arguing that it is biased, but we need it to balance the right-wing bias of the commercial stations; to accepting the left-wing bias of the commercial stations, calling you a racist, and blaming you for the tram tracks on their wrists.

But it is worth respecting the concerns raised by fellow conservatives on the XYZ site and on Facebook regarding selling off the ABC, and taking the time to rebut them.

1. We shouldn’t sell off the entire ABC, but break it up and sell some divisions while retaining necessary services, such as rural programming and the emergency warning system.

This is exactly what we are proposing. There is no need for a publicly funded news agency in the internet age. An emergency warning system, and services for the most isolated regions of the country are two of the very few things governments should actually be required to do.

2. This is an attack on freedom of speech, making us no better than our leftist opponents.

This does not make sense. The ABC and its staff are required by its charter to present news which is fair and balanced. As such we have the right to demand fair and balanced reporting if the ABC remains publicly funded. If the ABC is privatised then it can report the news however it wants.

If we sell the ABC it would fall into the hands of the globalists, and we would have no publicly enforceable charter with which to control it.

The globalist mainstream media is dying, even those run by globalists who value prestige and influence over profit, because they have lost the trust of the Western public. Generally, commercial media organisations have much smaller budgets than the ABC and have to make a profit in order to survive. Selling the ABC would impose market pressures on the ABC. The ABC currently skews the media playing field to the left with its massive billion dollar annual budget, and it artificially inflates platforms and job opportunities for leftist journalists and activists. If sold, it would have to compete on a level playing field with Fairfax and the Guardian, and would most likely be subsumed by one, or it may even just die.

4: “I voted “no”. The ABC needs to suffer the same fate as the Department of Administrative Services (remember that?) did, at the hands of a newly-elected JWH. Burn it to the ground, bulldoze the wreckage, salt the earth it stood on with radioactive waste and for good measure, build a detention-centre on the site.”

Very true. Selling off the ABC is too good a fate for the traitors within. On this we stand corrected.

5. We should make the ABC honour its charter and return it to its former glory.

We should abandon all hope of reforming the ABC. Even if it could be saved, it is in the nature of publicly funded institutions to drift to the left, because their very existence relies on government funding, creating an inbuilt bias to favour bigger and more interventionist government. Thus bringing the ABC to heel would be a waste of energy, as we would be forced to conduct the same purges and show trials in another decade or two.

In conclusion we must ask ourselves: What does the refusal of the Liberal Party leadership to take the privatisation of the ABC seriously say about the Liberal Party? Their refusal to deal decisively with the number one attack dog of the left is evidence of their own steady regression to the left, and their ineffectiveness at fighting the Culture War which is tearing our nation apart.

If the Liberal Party will not act, it should go the way of the ABC.

Photo by knowledgesocietyaustralia