Does Bill Shorten support the White Identitarian movement?


It has been a good week in international politics. Donald Trump is Making Korea Great Again.

The Italians are stopping the boats.

And Bill Shorten has conformed to the axiom that if a habitual liar keeps talking, he will eventually, accidentally, tell the truth:

“When you take kids away from their connection to culture and country, to language and to family, you make the chances of their success steeper and steeper. The climb is steeper and steeper.”

Has Tits become a card carrying member of the White Identitarion movement? Has he been watching Murdoch Murdoch? Not quite.

The comments were made in a bizarre attack on the removal of aboriginal children from disfunctional families. He has been rightly slammed for this, given that propaganda about the so-called “stolen generation” has led to the creation of an actual stolen generation of aboriginal children who have been left in abusive situations, because those with the power to remove them have sometimes failed to out of fear of being labelled “racist”.

The so-called ‘paternalism’ of his statement is also ironic given he complained about the “whitefellas” who “come in paternalistic”. He was one step away from saying “We must secure the existence of the aboriginal people and a future for black children”.  White “progressives”, always wanting to heal the world..

But the thing is, he is right. When you take kids away from their connection to culture and country, to language and to family, their chances of success are indeed steeper. We are creating a stolen generation of white children who are told that their culture and history is one of oppression against all other races, to whom we must open the gates of our countries in recompense. The language of our forefathers has been butchered beyond recognition by said races in the form of artistic theft, otherwise known as rap music. All across the Western world we have voted to undermine the concept of the family, and rather than raising children we have murdered hundreds of millions of babies in the womb.

The globalists who designed this matrix never considered what happens when you attempt to brainwash a race of people into believing that they are monsters.