Adam Piggott Podcast: The Immigration Episode


Editor: In addition to his excellent articles which we cross publish regularly, Adam Piggott is involved in a number of podcasts over at Here is one of his solo efforts, focused on the fact that the issue of immigration is set to upend Western politics in coming years.

As Piggott points out, immigration is everything. In 1998 Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party received nearly a million votes. Australia was ready then for a party based on immigration and it sure as hell is ready for it now.

Unfortunately, both the Liberal and Labor parties in Australia are giving Australia away to the world. Howard and Abbott may have stopped the boats which Labor was all to happy to keep arriving, but hundreds of thousands of migrants have arrived every year since. Hence the meme that the difference between socialists and conservatives is that socialists want to give away our countries via illegal immigration, while conservatives want to give away our countries via legal immigration.

Adam is a good story teller whom, like the Wang Show’s Vic, enjoys taking his time to build to the point. It is well worth the listen if you have a lazy hour this weekend.