XYZ’s Civil War


The XYZ has a Civil War – just read the comments.

This is great news. Seriously.

In the days when the XYZ was being conceived, one of the aspirations was to create a forum for discussion of ideas.

This might be phrased as seeking to create a marketplace for ideas, where the best ideas win.

For this reason, the Civil War around the merits of Jordan Peterson ticks a lot of boxes for me.

is he a globalist shill? Heck, is he left or right? It’s a thought provoking discussion – and one I am glad to see being had.

I abhor echo chambers where groupthink prevails – so I see this as a sign of health for the XYZ.

Never stop thinking, discussing, testing your ideas. You just might find you change, or evolve as you discover new ideas. That is a key part of red-pilling itself.

Editor: If you have missed the debate or want to skim over the main points and the comments section, here are the posts (although not in strict chronological order) in order of their publication on The XYZ:

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It’s your XYZ.