XYZ Live #14 – Bill Shorten’s Tampon GST, Trump the Peacemaker, Alfie Evans and more!


David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life supplemented their usual footy banter with some preamble about the growing political correctness of TripleM, who despite hosting a discussion about a holocaust joke made at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, refused to let Matty, when he called in, mention the Count Dankula ruling. This was followed up with one or two holocaust jokes..

Moving on, topics covered included:

  • The Labor Party’s proposed removal of the “tampon tax”, a cynical political wedge and virtue signal
  • Donald Trump’s role in bringing North Korea and South Korea together, and the possibility that the strike on Syria made US threats of military action credible, thus forcing the north to the negotiating table
  • The federal government’s proposal to build a politically correct memorial to Captain Cook in Botany Bay
  • The Alfie Evans tragedy and the impending collapse of Great Britain


Photo by Gage Skidmore