Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern in Australia: Will they advocate for white identity politics?


It has been a big six months for the alt-light in Australia and it is about to get a lot bigger, with Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern announcing that they will be visiting Australia in July:

From the Unshackled:

“Molyneux and Southern will visit Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide plus Auckland, New Zealand. Their tour follows the successful Australian tours by Milo Yiannopoulos at the end of 2017 and Dr Jordan B. Peterson who toured in March this year, both tours had sold out shows.

“In the YouTube promotional video, Molyneux and Southern talk about Australia being at a crossroads with Southern asking ‘do you want to retain your culture, retain your borders, family, identity or will the boats keep coming, will the no-go zones keep growing and will you become another victim of multiculturalism?’

“Molyneux vows ‘we’re gonna help move the needle and shift the conversation because a lot of people do feel uneasy about the direction of the countries they’re living in’. They promise ‘fantastic presentations with essential information’ that include ‘lengthy Q&As, meet and greets and opportunities to ‘sit down and chat with us’.”

We can expect the crowd to go wild for Stefan Molyneux the moment he utters the phrase “not an argument”.

As for Lauren Southern, well, what else can we say:

From RoK.

It is a shame she will be arriving in Melbourne in July, but perhaps we can bribe the venue to turn up the heaters..

I am very much looking forward to the reception these two receive in Melbourne. Nowhere will you find a greater hive of scum and villainy, but as we showed when Milo arrived, we outnumber the communists and many of us are eager to exercise some vigorous self defence.

What I most look forward to is a continuation of the vigorous debate we have hosted on The XYZ which will no doubt be sparked by what Molyneux and Southern have to say. Although Molyneux’s work on race and IQ and his historical analyses are exceptional, he has come in for criticism on these pages regarding just how red-pilled on women he actually is. Likewise if Southern was to really follow through on her convictions, she should be carrying her fourth white child by now. But tradthot or not, she is doing a world of good.

The crucial point will be how they tackle race, identity politics and white genocide. When Milo Yiannopoulos and Jordan Peterson were here we heard a lot about Western culture, Western values, Western culture, Christianity, Islam, feminism, and Western values again. Both Milo and the Professor explicitly rejected white identity politics, but Molyneux and Southern have a better record on the fact that if the rest of the world is doing it, white people should probably adopt in-group preference and identity politics as well. Lauren Southern in particular describes hersself as a nationalist and referred to “identity” as something to retain.

The debate on The XYZ regarding whether Jordan Peterson is of the left or right, and what is left or right, has centred on this crucial point, and this is important because it is a major point of difference between the alt-light and alt-right.

To illustrate this point, take the way my own approach to Islam has transformed since The XYZ was founded in 2015. Three years ago I opposed Islam in the West because of Islamic terrorism, Islam’s foundational incompatibility with Western values, Muslim rape gangs, the second class status of women under Islam, the murder of homosexuals under strict Islamic law, the fact that Islamic armies stole the whole of Europe’s lands in Asia Minor, the Middle East and North Africa, leading to the Dark Ages in Europe and an existential threat to Christendom for over a millennium, the possibility that demographic displacement could lead to the Islamisation of Europe and European lands, and the fact that they cut off little girls’ clitorides.

Now I oppose Islam simply because Islam is not us.

Understand this distinction, and we will retake the West.