We can never have enough enemies

The relief of the Light Brigade, painted 1897, Richard Woodville. From Wikipedia.

I have to say that I have been surprised by the number of people who have commented in support of my position as regards to my little Peterson skirmish; I really expected a lot more push-back. The commenters who have sided with me and who have reappraised their position on Peterson have been eloquent, clear-headed and factual.

However, the Peterson fans who have doubled down on their hero worship have performed some truly incredible feats of intellectual hoop jumping in order to protect their Canadian false prophet from criticism. Some of it has been rather disappointing. This from Matty’s Modern Life is typical:

“I think he’s being sarcastic dude, in fact I think he’s mocking the Left with that tweet. He likely knows you aren’t any of those things and is pointing out to Leftists that even people on the right are critical of him.

“You should ask him to clarify with a detailed argument and invite him to respond to your article in detail. It would be great to watch and if he is what you say he is it will come out in the article.

“Otherwise you can’t take that tweet seriously given his style. He’s prone to sarcasm.

“I’ve watched hours and hours of his work and I see him as a classical liberal, certainly not on the Left. He supports western civilisation, free speech, capitalism and all the things that make the West great.

“He’s not what you accuse him of as far as I can tell.

“Happy to see evidence to proves otherwise but that tweet is not it because I don’t believe it’s serious.”

It literally reads like a defensive screed from some leftist attempting to defend someone like Cathy Newman. Cathy wasn’t being serious in that interview, she was just being sarcastic. It all makes sense now, right?

It’s bad enough when the left use the old but I wazn’t serious bro line when they slip up. But here we have someone of the alt right using it to defend one of those same leftists. Matty isn’t happy to see any evidence at all. I mean, how else to explain his easy dismissal of concrete evidence from Peterson himself?

Another comment from someone called Entropy:

“Peterson is an effective ally against the bizarre excesses of the left; he’s not a messiah.

“You’re right. The personal attacks were uncalled for and he shouldn’t have linked you at all. Simultaneously, congratulations and stop bickering with our allies.”

Peterson is not our ally. He is one of them. The only difference is that he cleverly says some stuff that we agree with. I see this all the time with our side. We’re so desperate for approval from the left that we immediately ingratiate ourselves and hero worship anyone, and I mean anyone who says anything vaguely resembling conservative thought. Even better if they’re black, or gay, or some tradthot, or a left wing Canadian professor of a dubious and discredited field of pseudo-science. Ooohh! Validation! See, we’re not so bad after all!

He continues:

“I’d prefer Peterson, for example, stopped explaining the ‘wage gap’ in terms of how women are more ‘agreeable’ and started simply pointing out that they work less and in lower-skilled positions, but don’t we have enough enemies?”

Listen to me very carefully – we can never have enough enemies. The more enemies that we have the better. Where is your fight? Where is your pluck? Where is your courage? You’re moaning because I upset someone from their side? Yes? And?

May they all come out as enemies once and for all. Let them finally bring the fight to the field of battle. I know that there will not be many standing on our side, but I’ve always made a point of standing with the unpopular crowd, and by God we are unpopular now. We’re unpopular for a very good reason. Because unlike colossal frauds like Peterson, we really stand on the side of truth. And truth is just like poetry, and people fucking hate poetry*.

The more enemies that we have then the more that I know our fight is the right one. I understand the motivations of the vast masses who side with prog liberalism because they just want to pick the political side that will give them the least problems in their personal lives. I get that. But those of our side who are scared of fighting because the numbers are against us? Are you for real? You’re worse than gobshite.

Peterson’s entire schtick is about building better betas. He’s never red-pilled a single man in his entire life. And the reason I know that is from simply observing the behavior of his staunchest defenders.

So sad.

* Lifted from The Big Short.

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