Liberal Democrats advocate 130 limit on open roads


Looks like the Liberal Democrats have been listening to Grumpy. At least someone in parliament has:

“The LDP believes traffic laws should strike a better balance between safety and efficient travel. Australia is a large country in which motor vehicles are a vital means of transport. Our traffic laws need to strike a balance between safety and the need for efficient travel over long distances.”

Many articles have been written on XYZ on our terribly unsafe speed laws and The Neanderthal mentality demonizing speed.

In the Uk and USA motorists can drive at 140km on open roads, and in Canada if you’re going 5km over you’re going too slow. In Europe they have autobahns and 130-140km roads.

From Facebook.

The rest of the Western world is doing it, so why must Australia be so backward? And yes, “money” is the answer, because the revenue that states earn is astounding from speeding fines alone!

Recently a friend of mine received a big fine for being 4kms over… 4! That’s nothing. 4kms over is within the acceptable parameters for a speedo being out by (usually 10% either way) but no, not for Mr Speed Camera.

Start making noise and start being heard! This country was founded by thieves and criminals, but now the only ones benefitting are the thieves in parliament at the expense of everyone else.