The Wheels Fell off the Kart


The wheels fell off the kart

And all the children, they could see

To get the damn thing going again

Reattaching them was the key.


So, they went and asked the Greens

To help them fix their bender,

But the Green idea of fixing the kart

Was to turn it transgender.


But all we really need to do

Is reattach the wheels

How is putting our kart in a dress

Going to give us our fast feels?


‘Here’s the solution,’ SHY did cry

Producing a brush and spillage,

‘Put it on a boat and paint it red

To wipe out its white privilege.’


‘O you silly children,’

Di Natale did say

‘Just shut down all those evil coal mines

And you’ll soon be on your way.’


So the children went to Turnbull

A Pee Em of no note,

But all Lord Waffles had to offer

Was another postal vote.


They made their way to Shorten

Who filled them full of dread,

So late one day, on their weary way

They steamed into our XYZ.


They asked the Great Grand Poobah,

One David Hiscox Esquire,

Please sir can you help us?

Can you fix our tyre?


So the Poobah summoned Rosas

Jael, Matty and Moses,

Who fixed their wheels and realigned their keels.

And what did they do, do you supposes?


Well, the rest is history,

They skewered the left’s mystery

And armed with the truth, they fought nail and tooth

To end all Marxist existory!

Photo by Falcon_33