Quote of the Day: Angela Merkel admits No-Go Zones exist


Something incredible has happened. The worst leader Germany has ever had has admitted that no-go zones exist in Germany:

“Chancellor Angela Merkel has claimed there are ‘no-go areas’ in Germany, leaving ministers speechless.

“Officials have previously dismissed the notion there are places in the country that police and other outsiders can’t visit.

“But Merkel said she favours a zero-tolerance policy on crime that includes preventing no-go areas, which she called ‘areas where nobody dares to go’ in an interview with n-tv on Monday.”

“There are such areas and one has to call them by their name and do something about them,’ she said.

“Asked to name the areas, Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters today ‘the chancellor’s words speak for themselves.”

Call this the Donald Trump Effect. Or maybe it is just the Alternative for Germany Effect, as this report from RT suggests:

The take away for us here in Australia is that activism works, and real conservative political parties to the right of fake conservative parties force fake conservative parties to at least admit that real conservatives might have a point.

In short, keep pounding.