Quote of the Day: Have you ever seen a happy feminist?


Quote of the Day comes courtesy of Aaron Clarey’s Enjoy the Decline. You can read a review of his book here, buy it by clicking on the banner on the right hand side of The XYZ homepage, and check out his website here.

As for the quote, this (p.85) gets to the heart of the matter of why feminists are miserable. Feminism is essentially a mating strategy, designed to reduce the advantages held by more attractive women. However, it is a failing strategy:

“Have you ever seen a “happy feminist?” The reason they’re not happy is because feminism has failed to win the one battle that is outside of their control –sexual nature. Namely the fact men like well-endowed, skinny women and women like strong, chiseled men. However, in refusing to accept the biological realities of men and women they condemn themselves to failure. Consequently, they get angry, and their lives are miserable.”

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