Deadbeat single mothers


We have all heard of the term ‘deadbeat dad’, an absent father who neglects to provide for his children or take responsibility for bringing a life into the world. Fathers in such instances are shamed by modern society; the shame is implicit in the term itself. It’s one of the few modern examples where shame is still employed on a large scale. Of course, straight white men are supposed to feel shame for the very fact of being alive but that particular Marxist tactic isn’t having the desired effect.

Single motherhood which used to be a source of shame has instead been transformed over the last few decades until it has become an endowment of virtue. Single mothers are presented as victims and simultaneously as being strong and courageous. The real victims of course are the unfortunate children of such selfish acts. But that does not matter if you are a woman and easily seduced by the instant victim credentials that being a single mother gets you.

This interview with Ann Coulter is indicative of the general attitude towards single mothers, (h/t to Didact.). Coulter’s entire stand is that statistics prove that the very worst thing that you can do to a child is to raise them in a single mother household, and that the only responsible course of action available for a woman who finds herself pregnant out of wedlock is to put the child up for adoption.

The interviewer is a pastor by the name of “Father Albert”, and throughout the interview he not only takes the side of single mothers but seeks to elevate such a predicament as being worthy of ambition for young women everywhere. At one point Coulter asks the pertinent question of just who is supposed to be the Christian here.

The entire interview is a clash of facts over feelings; Coulter presents the facts which the interviewer and the audience find unpalatable, and in response they resort to feelings and emotion.

So let me go one step further than Coulter and present a fact that the feelgood brigade will most certainly not find acceptable; single mothers are just as deadbeat as absent fathers, if not more. Any woman who chooses to bring a child into the world without the stabilizing influence of the father as a constant in the child’s life is a deadbeat herself. And the only guarantee of constant fatherhood is wedlock.

The very worst female offenders on the totem pole of single motherhood are the professional single women who choose to get artificially inseminated out of fear of missing out on being able to have it all. It is hard to envisage a more selfish act in modern day society than this. And yet these women are held up as some sort of twisted examples to which younger women should aspire to becoming.

Women committing selfish acts and then failing to take responsibility for their own poor decision making is nothing new on God’s earth. What is new is the fact that for all intensive purposes The Church is now siding with women in this instance. As Dalrock points out, the new paradigm is that single motherhood is God’s way. In the article he discusses the new Clint Eastwood film, The 15:17 to Paris.

“After the teacher states that boys of single mothers struggle more (statistically), Stone’s mother is outraged and responds with:

“My God is bigger than your statistics!

“This is delivered in such a way that it is clearly intended as one of the key feelgood lines of the movie. Ha! She sure taught that godless public school teacher a lesson about Christ! While craven excuses for rampant single motherhood are extremely common in conservative Christian circles, this scene was so bizzarre that even modern Christians are likely to scratch their heads.”

Women who refuse to take responsibility for their poor choices will seek any means available to justify their behavior, including the subversion of religion. That is bad enough but it is a fine example of why religion exists in the first place; people need guidance and boundaries in their lives so as to give them the best chance to behave in an acceptable manner. But in the modern feminized world The Church has abdicated its responsibilities and is enabling women in this destructive behavior.

It is the duty of a pastor to tell a congregation what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Pastor Arnold in the above clip is more interested in his own short term popularity rather than in presenting these women with the message that becoming a single mother places a terrible future burden on their children.

The abandonment of social stigma for single mothers left a vacuum; if single motherhood is no longer a stigma then it must be a virtue. It cannot be not one and at the same time not the other. Either something is bad for a society or it is good. Neutrality cannot exist in such cases. What has happened as a result of this is that institutions such as The Church have had to go along with the falsehood. The knock-on effect of removing the stigma has been to promote single motherhood as a worthy ideal.

Single mothers are deadbeats. Their children are burdened with an often overwhelming handicap in life, and one which they themselves are highly likely to propagate on their own children. In just a few decades we have arrived at a point where over 40% of children are born out of wedlock. That number still has a lot of room to climb.

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