Thought for the Day: The Left projects their sexual degeneracy


Something to always keep in mind in the Culture War is that conservatives who fail to live up to their own standards fail, precisely because they have standards. The left have no moral standards to fail.

Conservatives fail their own standards all the time, because conservatives are human. Meanwhile the left have deliberately done everything they can to erode standards society-wide and civilisation-wide.

One of the good readers of The XYZ pointed this out, plus a bit more, a little while ago:

“Ever since Freud (although undoubtedly much earlier if you read De Sade) the left projects their sexual degeneracy onto the rest of society. They legitimise their failings (in marriage, families, as parents, etc) by telling the rest of the world to be exactly like them.

“So where Hollywood and Government power brokers diddle little kids and rape and assault women, they then project this onto all of society. And where Hollywood and Government women prostitute themselves for fame and fortune, and let these leering 1%ers heave their disgusting bodies up on top of them for one more ride, they then project their own shame-filled lives onto all women and their hatred onto all men.

“There is a culture of sexism. There is a culture of abuse. There is a culture of pedophilia. It’s just that it exists almost exclusively in the circles of the media, higher education, and governments. But to hide the rot, they project it onto all of society so that they can keep pretending to be role models for us to consume.”