Who has the balls to combat Ardern?


Daniel Tobin

The National Party here in New Zealand is regrouping after getting the majority of votes at the election but then being shafted by New Zealand First’s Winston Peters, who went with Labour to lead the new government. The National Party stuck to their guns and didn’t compromise their integrity to go with Peters. Of course, Labour agreed to anything to get into power again.

The left-leaning media here are now are suggesting that National leader Bill English may be considering stepping down as leader, even though he lead his party to victory and always had the best interests of New Zealand at heart. As finance minister, at budget time he would go into detail explaining where the money was coming from and how it would be spent, always transparent.

When it is time for English to step down there are two names that come up to replace him: 41-year-old ex-lawyer Simon Bridges and Finance spokesman Steven Joyce, also known as Mr Fix-it; if there is a problem Joyce is usually called on to solve it. The current deputy Paula Bennett is on thin ice, and may not survive the next caucus meeting.

At any other time Bridges and Joyce would be good candidates to take up the reins but there is one other factor that needs to be considered; the pregnancy of prime minister Jacinda Ardern, and the fact that the Left-wing media here think she is the second coming of Christ.

As the political year progresses and Ardern’s pregnancy starts to show, some male opposition leaders may find it difficult to fight against Ardern, given that after a lifetime of being taught to respect and not stress pregnant woman, this is probably natural.

Judith Collins, on right.

I think the best way to combat a pregnant prime minister who has the blind backing of our media is to make a woman the leader of the opposition – a woman and a mother with a straight-talking reputation. That woman is ex Police Minister Judith Collins. Collins has a reputation for tough talking and was nicknamed Crusher Collins when she proposed legislation to crush the cars of boy racers.

Imagine when PM Ardern is in her third trimester, waddling around parliament trying to lead a country with her stress hormones going through the roof, mood swings and craving Guacamole with pumpkin ice cream. Is a male opposition leader going to have the balls to point out how this can’t be good for the country?

With every criticism or argument by a male politician against Ardern put under the left wing media’s magnifying glass to check for any sexism or misogynist angle, I dont think a male politician will dare suggest that Ardern should stand down for the sake of her and her baby’s health and the good of the country. However, Judith Collins, a mother herself, will be in a position to criticise and fight Ardern on a more level playing field. The media will still take the side of their beloved Ardern, but will have to work harder rather than falling back on sexisim as their lazy go-to angle.

Photo by US Embassy New Zealand