Thought for the Day: Is Tim Shitpossum worse than WAR?


Dtarneed Onus-Williams and the organisation she represents, Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) have received a lot of attention in the dying media and in new media for her treacherous comments in front of a baying crowd on Australia Day:

“We have not organised this to change the date. We have organised this to abolish Australia Day because f..k Australia. F..k Australia, I hope it f..king burns to the ground.”

Representatives of the deliberately-named WAR feel that they have been attacked because of this. That’s right. Attacked:

If the word “white” in this screed was changed to “black” or the word “Australia” changed to “Islam”, these people would be getting their doors knocked in by the Feds, pre-dawn.

This language is typical of the Marxist revolutionary outfits who have brought death and terror to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas from at least the beginning of the Twentieth Century. It is language typical of Socialist Alternative “who openly proclaim that they wish to violently overthrow the government and institute a totalitarian Marxist regime, who preach and organise violence against police and political opponents in every state of the Commonwealth.”

Tim Soutphommasane photo
Photo by Newtown grafitti

One might wonder if, at the very least, Tim Shitpossum, General Secretary of the Ministry of Truth, might ask people in the general public if they want to bring this kind of language to the attention of the Ministry of Truth with respect to the Edict of Love, otherwise known as 18C.

Of course this is too much to hope for. Little Timmy Shitpossum is actually far more dangerous to Australia than the dozen or so fruit bats of SAlt and WAR combined. Because although Little Fat Timmy Shitpossum uses deliberately fluffy language, is less obviously bonkers and is less openly hostile to the people, heritage and institutions of Australia than these communist executioners-in-waiting, little sausage fingers is committed to exactly the same end:

To Destroy Australia.

And he wields the power of the state in order to achieve this.

You can see our predicament.