The Message of Star Wars VIII: Let Old Things (Like Christianity) Die



“Reach out with your feelings. What do you see?”
“The island . . . . life . . . . death and decay, that feeds new life . . . warmth . . . cold . . . peace . . . violence.”
“And between it all?”
“Dollars. Billions and billions of dollars.”
“And this is the lesson: the force is not a power the Jedi have! To say that if the Jedi die the light dies with them is vanity! The force will be kept alive long past its use-by date by the millions of idiots all over the world who will pay money to see whatever pseudo-sensical crap we slap the Star Wars brand name onto!”


Up until this point, the force was an impersonal energy field with minimal will of its own. The good guys used the good side of the force, which means only for knowledge and defense, whereas the bad guys used the dark side of the force, which means using it for whatever the hell you like. Up until this point, dabbling in the dark side of the force, even a little bit, was seen by the Jedi order as being an irreversible step onto a slippery slope from which there could be no recovery. The dark side is apparently addictive in the extreme. The writers, however, leave the door slightly open to the Jedi being mistaken. Luke did get more than a little angry in SjW6, and yet somehow a minute changed his mind and decided he wasn’t going to go down that road. Could the Jedi be prudish moralistic wowsers?

SjW8 answers that question with a resounding ‘yes’.

Firstly, the sides of the force are in this film viewed in a yin-yang relationship, preserving the balance. This suggests that the balance does not consist of having every force user in the galaxy a light sider, but rather of having a constant conflict. The existence of a dark place under the island upon which the Jedi temple sits is casually explained by Luke with the words “powerful light, powerful darkness”, leading one to wonder whether the light is better than the evil darkness, or merely different.

Secondly, dabbling in the dark side does not mean an irreversible slide into hell, or even a temporary falling away. The main character, MaREY-Sue, when she’s having her first force lesson, drifts straight to the dark before being removed with a good old-fashioned bucket of cold water. Later, without Luke around to stop her, she physically goes to that place looking for answers. She doesn’t get her answers, but she also doesn’t compromise her Jedi integrity either. She doesn’t have to deal with the slightest shred of negative consequence for that escapade, which is not what the teachings of the Jedi order led me to expect.

So thus far, thanks to your irresponsible decision to expose them to this crap, your children have learned that: a) there is a balance between what was previously considered to be ‘good’ and ‘evil’; b) the question of whether good is even better than evil is an open question, and c) you can dabble in ‘evil’ without actually become an bad person, and we’re just getting started.

The good guys, who are incidentally referred to as the resistance (sound familiar?) are more diverse than ever. So diverse, in fact, that they are pretty useless as a fighting force (sound familiar?) against the ethnically homogenous space-Nazis. There are only two times in the movie where they actually manage to kill a few enemies (other than fighter pilots), and that is a) in an assault masterminded and led by FUCKING A WHITE MALE, and b) when one of them in an act of suicide drives a spaceship of peace into some stuff at high speed (sound familiar?). Other than that, they spend the duration of the movie running away as they are slowly exterminated under the supervision of space-Hitler (General Hux).

Sorry. This bilge doesn’t deserve the courtesy of a spoiler warning.

There are another group of bad guys that aren’t space-Nazis: the space-Bourgeoisie. The renegade diversity hire from SjW7 and some dumb Asian chick head to a planet by the name of Cantobyte. She says it is filled with the worst people in the galaxy. This language is highly reminiscent of the ‘wretched hive of scum and villainy’ in SjW4, but these ‘worst people in the galaxy’ are actually extremely rich, ordered and civilized. They have luxurious cruise ships, luxurious casinos, and they have space-horse races. They exploit their space horses, they whip their space horses, and when you get to see the space horses up close they look sad. I mean like, REALLY sad. It’s that special kind of sad that makes you want to ban the industry that exploits those majestic animals for profit, now DOES THAT SOUND AT ALL FAMILIAR??

See how sad she is? Make a law to fix it!

We are told that there is only one industry in the galaxy that allows one to accumulate this sort of wealth: ‘selling weapons to the first order’. Yeah, the stupid scriptwriters used six words when they could have used one word. I’m gonna re-phrase that.

We are told that there is only one industry in the galaxy that allows one to accumulate this sort of wealth: capitalism.

Our two diverse protagonists park on the beach and head straight up to the casino, in violation of all parking regulations, where they find the codebreaker they need to talk to just in time to get arrested by space-police for illegal parking (and probably also illegal immigration) without saying a word to him. Then they break out with the help of another shiftier code-breaker and somehow find themselves in the space-horse stables, set them all free and lead them all the way through the city destroying everything of value that can be easily destroyed. Sound familiar? It should. This isn’t just advocating for Antifa tactics, as Grumpy Motorist suggested, this is the protagonists doing everything that Antifa does for the reasons that Antifa does it, and having the time of their lives doing it. Our protagonists are literally space-Antifa, and the scriptwriters definitely did that on purpose.

Now, just hypothetically, if you were a gyno-supremacist moral relativist antifascist environmentalist Marxist scriptwriter, who do you think you would see as your public enemy number one?

Rebel Christian Scum.

Does Social-justice Wars 8 have a few things to say about Christianity?

Yes. Yes it does.

At the climactic scene, Kylo Ren asks Luke: “Did you come back to forgive me? To save my soul?” That is not and has never been Jedi language. That is Christian talk. In fact, this is, to the best of my memory, the first time the concept of forgiveness has ever appeared in Star Wars. Jediism is now Christianity, and Luke Skywalker is now a Christian.

He’s a ‘good’ Christian though. He is deeply ashamed of everything the ‘Jedi religion’ has done. He says that the legacy of the Jedi is failure, hypocrisy, hubris, and colonialism. Luke has retreated into nowhere to die all alone. He will never train another generation of Jedi. It is time for the Jedi to end. The ‘colonialism’ part wasn’t part of the movie dialogue, but the thought was clearly in the minds of the scriptwriters. Maybe the director had it cut out of the first draft because he wanted to keep things subtle.

At one point Luke is going to burn the Jedi temple down, along with the ancient original Jedi texts. Arsonist Yoda calls down fire from heaven lightning from the force, actually doing what Luke was only pretending he was going to do. This is the actual dialogue of the scene:

Luke Skywalker: So it is time for the Jedi Order to end.
Yoda: Time it is. Hmm. For you to look past a pile of old books, hmm?
Luke Skywalker: The sacred Jedi texts!
Yoda: Oh. Read them, have you?
Luke Skywalker: Well, I…
Yoda: Page-turners they were not. Yes, yes, yes. Wisdom they held, but that library contained nothing that the girl Rey does not already possess.

If the Jedi order is Christianity, then the sacred Jedi texts must be . . . .


Sorry I can’t help myself. Movies that directly attack everything I believe in deserve to be spoiled. Now where were we up to . . .

The bad guy in this movie says that you should let old things die. Kill it if you have to. It’s the only way to become who you were meant to be. The good guys let old things die, but not completely. They keep the good parts for the future, and they don’t deliberately kill the old. People who don’t think old things should die (like me) don’t have a place in this movie. It’s kind of like how, in real life, national socialists are on the right of the political spectrum, and international socialists on the left. Those who aren’t socialists (like me) don’t exist on the political spectrum.

Rey is the new breed of ‘Christian’. She has no known connection to any tradition, no ancestral heritage, and no parents. She was separated from her real parents (Han and Leia), probably around the same time they got divorced (sound familiar?). Because this is a make-believe world that operates according to the leftist principles, this does not result in her being socially or emotionally or intellectually stunted IN ANY WAY (sound unfamiliar?). As previously mentioned, she doesn’t hold to those outdated prudish Jedi ethics, but blah blah blah make-believe Marxist universe, so no consequences. She is revealed to have stolen the original Jedi texts at the end of the movie, but as Yoda says, they aren’t like the Word of God, they are more like . . . guidelines. Guidelines that contain wisdom. Not divine wisdom or anything like that, just regular wisdom that she already possesses.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say about the implications of this part of the movie:

“Luke’s entire premise is teaching Rey why the Jedi were a failed experiment, and Rey ultimately rejects that negativity in favor of a more hopeful outlook about the future. Since we find out at the end of The Last Jedi that Rey smuggled the original Jedi texts off [the island] before Luke burned them, the seeds are planted for Rey to redefine what it is to be a Jedi, on her own terms.”

The message of SjW8 isn’t that it is bad to be a Christian. There are Nazis to punch and means of production to seize; your help is needed! Rather, the message of SjW8 is that you need to recognize the horrific legacy of Christianity, you need to be ashamed of it, and you need to repent. You need to look beyond the bible and teach your failings to the younger generation of Christians, so they won’t make the mistake of actually taking scripture seriously. You need to let the younger generation freely redefine what it is to be a Christian, on their own terms. After all, that worked out so well for Nadab and Abihu.

If you aren’t prepared to do that, then you are stuck in the 19th century, and they will let you die. They will kill you if they have to. It’s the only way to turn the West into the Marxist utopia it was meant to be.

PS: Vice-Admiral Holdo is the worst military leader in the history of Star Wars. She could have easily avoided mutiny just by sharing her plans with a few people and treating the ace pilot who took down the biggest superweapon in the galaxy with the respect he deserved.

PPS: The aforementioned dumb Asian chick flew her vehicle into that of the aforementioned renegade diversity hire to stop him from carrying out a suicide mission which would have bought the resistance a lot of time. She did it because she had a crush on him, and in so doing she gave the space Nazis easy access to the last group of resistance fighters in the galaxy. THIS is why women don’t belong in the military.