Thought for the Day: Monty Python and Child Abuse


When I was younger and not immune to virtue signalling, I considered Monty Python’s parody of the Catholic Church’s opposition to contraception to be hilarious. I also considered it to be the end of the argument.

As this virtue signalling didn’t actually get me any pussy, my mind was free to explore the possibility that perhaps there was a point to “outdated” tenets, and that there was a dark side to the “subversive” Monty Python parody.

Given the tendency of modern Britons to reproduce barely above replacement levels, and the tendency of “new Britons”, who have been imported in such large numbers that the population of Great Britain has massively increased, to molest young native Britons en masse in northern British cities, the discomfort I always felt, despite myself, when virtue signalling along to the pretty song comes more and more to the fore.

The subtext to the song is that the majoirty of the children singing the piper’s tune should not exist. It sends a message to the children that they should not exist, and it forces the children to happily sing that message to themselves.

Aside from the hypocrisy of a message we were fed for decades that population growth was detrimental to the environment and to our fellow man, only to have artificial population growth foisted upon us by our globalist leaders, I posit that this is child abuse. We are being inculcated from a very early age that our very existence make the existence of others less bearable. It is certainly the sort of message which could convince the recipients not to reproduce.

With a dose of ritual humiliation along the way.