ABC attempt to lampoon Triple M makes Soviet broadcaster look even more soyboy


The change the date fiasco caused by the youth wing of communist broadcaster the ABC has reached epic proportions. After Triple J made the hilarious decision to politicise Australia Day by moving the Hottest 100 away from it on the grounds of not politicising it, Triple M decided to take the piss by hosting its own Ozzest 100 on Australia Day:

The XYZ’s Grumpy Motorist has voiced his approval:

“Triple M is the radio station we need, not the station we deserve!

“Openly shitting on Triple J, calling it out on being a taxpayer-funded hipster wank fest. No leftard politics in the release, just good wholesome Aussie pride! Sign up and get some Aussie rocking tracks up there for Australia Day while you have pork on your fork, a tinny in your hand (or goon bag on the hills, I’m not judging here), thongs on your feet, and finally a good countdown on the radio!

“Cheers Triple M, I’ll have a beer for you this Jan!”

Your XYZ editor humbly presents the following suggestion:

Feel free to suggest your own greatest Aussie rock songs of all time, but it is pretty hard to beat that broadsword.

Naturally, the most ideologically driven Marxist zealot in the Australian musical establishment (and that is really saying something) has cracked it:

Charming. Briggsy has a diabolical plan to ruin Australia Day for, well, normal people:

Here is the song in question:

We’re really scared.

Professor Chaos would be proud of this one..

Here’s where it gets really funny. The ABC have tried to lampoon Triple M.

Because everybody hates AC/DC t-shirts..

This is that great moment when normal people take the piss out of soyboys and cat ladies, so the soyboys and cat ladies try to take the piss back, only to reinforce the fact that they are soyboys and cat ladies.

It is worth pointing out two flaws in the message this “comedy” attempts to convey.

Firstly, the ABC’s fake bogan makes the following statement:

“Australian rock is our culture, yeah? It’s been here for 40 years.. and it was here before we were.”

This attempt at humour is an example of the “Australia doesn’t have a culture” fallacy. It ignores the fact that Aussie rock builds on the legacy of American rock’n’roll which goes back a century. It also ignores the fact that Australia is connected to a culture that dates back thousands of years – European culture, more specifically, British culture.

Secondly, this line from said fake bogan:

“Yeah people talk about “Invasion Day” but what is the real invasion, yeah, I mean inner cities are being flooded by hipsters listening to music that’s just like beeps and whistles playing on a computer, and in many ways that is way more offensive than the long and slow systematic destruction of a people.”

One gets the strong impression that our Cultural Marxist elites are getting worried. After all, everybody is talking about it.