Thought for the Day: Dastyari may not be a Muslim, but he is certainly a Wanker


Of all the brilliant things I have heard Sam Dastyari been called in the last 24 hours; “pipsqueak”, “Mr Bean”, “smart-arse”, it is this line from James Ashby which really puts a smile on my face, but also gets me thinking:

“Sam Dastyari gets heckled because he’s a wanker … and not because he’s a Muslim.”

Is he a Muslim?

Aside from the fact that Pauline and her team are clearly some of the only political operatives in Australia who have actually learned something from Trump – never apologise, always escalate – It is understanble why Hanson has so little sympathy for Dastyari. He attempted to humiliate her on that infamous episode (are there any other) of Q&A by means of the offer of a Halal Snack Pack.

But those with a long political memory would also remember that Hanson was surprised that evening by Dastyari’s revelation that he was a Muslim – she didn’t know:

The astute will note that he didn’t directly answer the question:

“Are you a practicing Muslim?”

(Wikipedia describes him as a “non-practicing Muslim”.)

And that was the whole point of the set-up by Patriot Blue.

As The XYZ’s Eh?nonymous put it so beautifully in September 2016, “Sam’s a Muslim for Q&A on Mondays, and a secular lefty Tuesday to Sunday”.

Gets you thinking…

What was he doing in a pub?