Wang Show episode 9: I Robot F—–


This outrageous instalment of the Wang Show is definitely not PG material.

Vic has a special guest, The Milkman, a tech specialist from the younger generation, because as we all know, younger people are much better at tech stuff. The pair explore the ethical and philosophical conundrums regarding the burgeoning sex robot industry, (based on a series of articles in the SMH, the Guardian, and a report by the Foundation for Responsible Robotics), conundrums so profound that many have called for government regulation to manage them.

Discussion ranges from the most appropriate terminology to apply for sex robots and whether they will have preferred pronouns; through to whether providing sex dolls for elderly Alzheimer sufferers would be beneficial or would lead to repeated trauma; the argument that handicapped people should be supplied with similarly handicapped sex robots, because equality; the possibility of sentient sex robots preferring sex with other sex robots; and finally safety, mostly to do with cleaning second-hand models and ensuring padding is intact…..

Ok, let’s take a step back for a moment.

This podcast provides an excellent chance to explain why, for all The XYZ’s dire warnings of the end of Western civilisation, and despite our exhortations to return to a more Godly, traditional morality, we persist in encouraging what many may dismiss as “undergraduate” or “boy’s club” humour.

The clue to understanding this can be found in the ethical questions regarding the use of sex robots which are raised in the articles. Vic and The Milkman skilfully work these into the end of the podcast, and their “boys club” humour works to mock the “unintentional hilarity” of the academics and journalists who have attempted to treat the subject seriously:

“They warned that users could become socially isolated, or even addicted to the machines, which could never replace real human contact.”


“But the authors warned that the march of sex robots raised serious moral and ethical questions that needed to be addressed,” with some people “arguing that allowing people to live out their darkest fantasies with robots would have a pernicious effect on societal norms.”

An entire generation is already addicted to and socially isolated by the combination of technology and permissive social attitudes to sex, in the form of online pornography via high speed internet, which has led to sexual and social dysfunction.

Entire generations have already lived out their darkest sexual fantasies since the Sexual Revolution in the West in the 1960’s, and this has already inflicted a pernicious effect on societal norms for decades. No-fault divorce, legal abortion and widely available contraception have changed the way men and women interact with each other, changed the way men compete with each other for women, and warped what women look for in men. This has upset a balance which existed for thousands of years. It has led to the murder of over a billion unborn babies, the traumatisation of children via invented notions of “gender identity”, an infertility crisis, and ultimately the demographic collapse of the West.

That these so-called “journalists” and “academics” cannot see this makes them complete idiots. The dystopic sexual future is now

Thus, the fun and games which are regularly published in the late afternoon and evening on The XYZ have a serious point. (Ok, mostly.) They are a deliberate turkey slap to the face, revealing the horror that has been unleashed by the Sexual Revolution. If we wish to return to a kinder, simpler time we will have to go all the way back. Whether we choose to return or are forced is up to us.

Photo by scomedy