Quote of the Day: Julian Assange calls for the ABC to be destroyed

Julian Assange.

I am not convinced that Julian Assange is not a socialist, however given his role in demolishing the rapist-protector Hillary Clinton’s chances of ever becoming US President, I think that when he speaks, we should listen.

Brad Norington from the Australian reported on Assange’s address via videolink to an International Bar Association conference in Sydney:

“Julian Assange claims only 2 per cent of journalists from mainstream media organisations are “credible” while the rest have a corrosive effect because of selective reporting, fabrications, hype and hysteria.

“I think the press is in general a very toxic instrument.”

Julian Assange just described why The XYZ exists. If the Western press actually called out the Marxist and Globalist political and academic elite instead of furthering their agenda, the good people at The XYZ would be happily doing things like teaching music, history, and music history to your children.

As it is, we are busy exposing the people who make it impossible for conservatives to assemble and express their views publicly without the serious possibility of being assaulted, and our network is exposing the guy who invades the privacy of conservatives who try to express their views anonymously.

“..Mr Assange said: “When it does its job right, and it does do its job right sometimes as a result of a few good journalists, then it’s a remarkable thing.”

He’s talking about The XYZ.

“He said the gap between the press’s purported achievements and its record was “so immense you really have to question whether the world would be better off without it”.

He’s talking about the ABC. (We were going to include “in the fiery pit of hell” in the headline, but we figured that was more the sort of thing one would expect from tabloids such as the Age. That’s why we’re in the 2%.)

“Mr Assange said alternative media were not any better than the mainstream and “frequently worse”.

He must be talking about Crikey.

“He liked Politico, despite its “pro-Hillary” bias in the US election.”

Like I said, not convinced he’s not a socialist.

“He claimed The New York Times and Fox News “spent a lot of resources destroying their enemies”.

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It’s your XYZ.

Photo by Abode of Chaos