Party For Freedom storm Yarra City Council: Why didn’t they put politicians on trial?


Australian patriot group Party For Freedom last night exercised their democratic right to disrupt a public gathering, storming a meeting of Yarra council at the Richmond Town Hall to protest against its treacherous decision to ban Australia Day. Yarra councillor Stephen Jolly bore the brunt of their disdain, and can be seen on video crying and saying he is triggered.

This was magnificent political theatre. It is ironic that for all the fear of white nationalist groups spread by the MSM, they remain at heart a peaceful movement. This would perhaps explain Jolly’s cowering; leftists actually believe they are in physical danger whenever they see so much as a blue singlet, and regularly enter states of hysteria if their views are challenged publicly, yet their own ilk are almost always the ones to initiate violence.

Contrast this to the stoic defiance displayed by conservative figures during the far more frequent interruption of public events by extreme-left thugs. Furthermore, the PFF know they have to be on their best behaviour, as they are often convicted merely for hurting the feelings of those deemed to be protected ‘minorities’.

However, while effective, the actions of the Party For Freedom did not go anywhere near far enough. They would have garnered strong public support had they moved in with far more muscle, and held a show trial proceeding against all traitors to Australia in the Yarra council. The XYZ has so far failed to resurrect the spirit of Iona Nikitchenko, however we believe our sources are close. Such a figure as presiding judge would have struck terror into the hearts of the communists on the council.

Punishments could have included being forced to make public apologies on television and Twitter, being sprayed in the eyes with mace, and for the worst offenders, being left in a cell with Eric Clanton and only one bike lock between them.

Hell, they could even have called their employers to dox them for being traitors to their country…

It’s your XYZ.